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Dimwit Energy Policies, Record Corn Prices

woodie144 Wrote: Aug 11, 2012 3:03 PM
And, by the way, I don't want to burn ethanol in my vehicles, but I am forced to by government dictate. That in itself is tyranny. Time to turn this government back to constitutional republicanism. Get rid of the leftists in both parties, or vote third party. Time to revive a constitution party which isn't insistent on Christ's teachings--as appropriate as they might be to our judicial system--as much as freedom of religion, not this current freedom from religion, with all answering to the state tyrant. We broke from England for that very reason.

The price of corn is at all all-time high because of extreme drought conditions in the US coupled with the hottest July temperatures since records began 117 years ago.

Inane Policies

US policy mandates production of ethanol for blending in gasoline. That ethanol comes mostly from corn.

Diverting corn crops to inefficient ethanol production has members of the Group of 20 leading economies – including France, India and China – concerned about the US ethanol policy.