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Race-Based Justice

woodie144 Wrote: Aug 22, 2014 8:48 AM
When black on white crime occurs, no calls for justice. When white on black, likely not a crime, occurs, calls for "just us." That is what these negroes are demanding. They could care less about justice. They want "just us." That is Eric Holder's goal. That is Barry (Barack Obama) Soetoro's goal. I'm just not sure why it is the black community, and the leftists, if they don't like this country so badly, stay here? I know why, of course. It is the benefits(welfare, EBT) they get for sloth, villainy, and sinful behavior.
Both apathy, and stupidity, breed tyranny.
We have to stop calling them liberals. Liberal means "open minded; leaning toward democracy." The left is far from open minded, and they lean more toward the collectivist state than a democratic form of government. And, let us recall, the Constitution says that the federal government must guarantee us a 'republican' form of government at all governmental levels. I call them commuNAZI's, both socialist, some more collectivist and controlling (DemocRATs), some more fascist, with less control, but still the need for a major portion of control (RINO's).
Yes, but who will bring the lawsuit to challenge?
30 years ago, when Reagan was president & upped the FICA, I predicted a future where 70% to 80% of gross income would go to federal, state & local taxes. I think I have to revise that. Soon, 70% to 80% will be the needed amount to fund merely the federal expenditures. Should chits be called in by foreign investors, you can forget things like Social Security, Medicare, and the like being paid out. The political will to raise FICA was based on the fact that a vision was offered of building infrastructure, and military, then cutting taxes so businesses could grow. Instead, most of the money was pittered away on social programs such as midnight basketball, school lunches, pre-K, and the like, basically programs that benefit inner city working, and welfare families most. The rural areas pay the freight, yet get the least of the benefit, as designed. This was supposed to be the time when taxes were cut so businesses could grow, and more people in work would pay more into the Social (in)Security (SinS) system. Instead, we find expenditures for SinS exceeding income, something that shouldn't have happened until the third decade of the 21rst century. Shame on our leaders for not doing their fiduciary duty, and that is on the heads of both parties. If anything, both major parties should be declared enemies of the state for their actions over the past 100+ years.
You actually need that answered?
The actual bill was somewhere between 1200, and 2000 pages. The rules written to implement it were over 20,000 pages. Now, why do rules need to be written to implement a law? Because the law is so poorly written that even the rule makers are having a hard time figuring out what is really in it. If you don't think the insurance companies had a hand in writing this, then you are a box short of a full box of marbles. Insurance companies profited big time off this as they did auto insurance because the law requires people purchase it.
Only system that works best is pay as you go for preventive & MD care, and insurance for catastrophic care. Second thing that must be done is that the federal & state governments have to stop telling people they can't be denied care, and will not have to pay for their care, or pay in small increments which are less than the interest a bank would charge.
Mine left form get this, Kenya. I had my doctor & couldn't keep him. He became a bushmaster selflessly helping the pygmy's rather than put up with the intrusiveness of BarryCare which would have made him have to work 20 hour days to see the same number of patients, as well as report his findings to the federal government, and perhaps get you on a death panel.
He doesn't need a TelEPromter to utter the words. "Nice going Emperor Putin, my master. What is thy bidding, master?" And Putin said, "Tell the Uke's you'll back them, draw out my opposition as you did the Ayatollah's opposition in Iran, and I shall crush them with "the Force" as the Yatollah's did Iranian dissidents. Anyone yet think this MarxIlamist-in-chief is on the side of America? If he is, he is the most bumbling asinine doofus to ever hold the office. A halfwit couldn't bungle the job so badly.
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