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Obama's Thug America

Wolfmots Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 12:32 PM
This is what happens when we take God out of America. We allow them to make laws that exclude God from our schools, our courthouses, our sporting events. When the signal is sent to God that he isn't wanted somewhere he leaves, and when he does he lets men decide their fate and allows whatever forces decide the outcome. When will we stand up and fight for our rights again, i did not elect this man, i warned as many as i could about him but none would hear me. Perhaps we are back to Jeremiah 17; ver 5-11 again. Keep in mind what happened soon after that warning.
Hello Mr Hawkins, this is God. I read your article, and it is quite nice, but it seems you have missed the obvious point, not even I am allowed in schools anymore.
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