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The Senate Must Reject Hagel

Wolfgang6 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 1:10 PM
Who are Hagel's biggest critics? Chicken hawk neo-cons who aren't happy unless young Americans are being killed in some Third-World rathole so their corporate buddies like Haliburton can make more billions "servicing" the war effort. And then there are those like Senator McCain who supported the fiasco of going into Iraq to remove Sadaam Hussein - and proceeded to destroy the one power who could have kept Iran in check in the Middle East - and he has the temerity to criticize Hagel over his doubts over the surge? Hypocrites all of them...and Hagel should treat them as jackels nibbling on the haunches of a lion.
MacQ - Texas Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 2:06 PM
Good grief. The guy has no clue. Go liten to his testimony and tell us you think he's competent to be in charge of our military.
Jerome49 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 2:03 PM
What is it with you liberals and Haliburton? You talk as though Democrat administrations never used this firm. You also talk as though conservatives never had any children that went to war. What kind of moron are you? Yes, Saddam Hussein and his sons could have kept Iranian citizens in check, just like Hitler, Mao, Kim Jung IL and Castro keep their citizens in check. Iran is a major supplier of arms and money to radical Islamist terrorist groups. Iran is working on developing a nuclear weapon and it has repeatedly vowed to destroy Isreal, our one and only true ally in the middle east. No one in their right mind wants young Americans to lose their lives in war, nor do they want them to lose their lives in terrorist attacks.
Emilie3 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 6:33 PM
Israel is not our "ally", they are a dependant. Hagel knows that it is from his class that most young men go to war and get killed while the children of the elites get out of serving more often than not. Also as a Vietnam vet, he knows the horrors of war, but he is no war hawk like McCain who bullied Hagel just to bring up Israel and Iran when there are more hotspots to consider now. McCain looked like an old poop reliving his failed campaign for the presidency.
Everett39 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 7:19 PM
Can you please name some of these 'other hotspots' that might be considered hotter than the Mideast right now ???
And Israel IS a long-time ally, not some dependent, as you so wrongly assert, they are the only democracy in the Mideast, and many Palestinians work and live there, and are better off than many of their 'brethren', who suffer under hamas and hezbollah in terrible conditions, and they are kept that way by their uncaring leaders, who use them as pawns in anti-Israel propaganda, especially after they bombard southern Israel from positions within populated areas, prompting Israeli response.
Everett39 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 1:39 PM
Apparently you missed the Senate hearing, or are happy with Hagel's stumbling, bumbling, unprepared fiasco of a testimony, from a man who is up for an important position, responsible for implementing a proper defense posture and policy for the USA. Or is that your idea, that such a man take this position, and be happy that he is the right man for the job ? Even some dems were not so happy with him. . .
Wow, I have not heard that old lib talking point about Haliburton for a while - and sometimes, defending your country from aggression is not always a pretty, pain-free process. And I doubt that any dictator or leader could have kept Iran 'in check', as you said. .and do you recall how Hussein invaded Kuwait after fighting Iran for 8 years ?

The Senate's "advice and consent" role doesn't require it to rubber-stamp a presidential appointee for secretary of defense who senators believe would weaken America in this increasingly dangerous world.

Notwithstanding former Sen. Chuck Hagel's diminished view of the post -- "I won't be in a policymaking position" -- the secretary of defense is an exceedingly important position and must be filled with someone who understands the complexity and gravity of the threats we face.

In his testimony at his confirmation hearing, Hagel demonstrated a remarkable unwillingness to clarify his past statements, a stunning misapprehension of the identity, intentions and capabilities...