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Yeah ! Take those jobs and get the f@#K out. Who needs jobs anyway. The Gonernment will pay us... YEAH!!!
Educated beyond their intelligence.....
A Republican in Maine , would probably be a DEMOCRAT in Texas.
Apparently , the CIC is willing to break the law, just to take the heat off of the VA one ...NO ONE is talking about it....See ...All fixed! Each week it gets more outrageous. I think if he rescued a dog , he would inject it with rabies.
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Bowe Bergdahl, Just Deserts

wolfasawolf Wrote: Jun 04, 2014 11:28 PM
And now we are no longer talking about last weeks scandal...what was it now....oh , yeah....VA Health care? And next week the (complicit) media will tout another , and then another to distract from the previous. A man with no shame cannot be shamed. So watch for more of the same because THIS PRESIDENT has no shame....and doesn't have to care what anyone thinks, because he has a pen and a phone.
AHHH....but bungling with purpose..... Divide the country ...ruin the economy....decimate the military... create unrest and frutratin.... ALL of this in the name of Fundamental Transformation....I believe in occasional coincidences. But all this just beggars the imagination.
I think you have been sleeping for the last 5 years.
Check out opensecrets....heavy hitters at
SEIU, Harry's bigtime supporter Have donated more than double what theKochs have./ 2% to Republican candidates and rank 10th on the contribution list.
All those replies that stack up under Lois' moniker just increase lois' paycheck. I'll try to avoid direct replies in the future.
WJF, the people who are commenting the most about who the tea party is, have NEVER been to a tea party rally or meeting. And they want to attribute "right wing whacko" status to us.. In my group there are only 5 Republicans out of about 30 regular meeters. 7 are self described libertarians.(small l) That leaves about 18 regulars that are Democrats. This information is for those who don't get out much.
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