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How is it possible that there was a shooting in Denmark? They have very rigid gun control laws. It is just not reasonable to believe this....they must have been shot with a bow and arrow....no semi auto weapons allowed...special licenses and a very, very good reason for ownership of even single shot weapons . Nope...nope...this has to be a misprint...they meant Copenhagen , New York.
The purpose of these laws is not to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals, but to prevent law abiding Americans from defending themselves. Go to any of the gun control websites and read. they are willing to get all of us killed , then worry about getting criminals disarmed....LATER.
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Colonel, United States Army, Retired

wolfasawolf Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 12:43 AM
Article 1. I am an American fighting man. I serve in the forces which guard my country, and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
With marches chanting "Whaddaya want?" (answer) "DEAD COPS" and "When doya wantem?" (answer ) "NOW" Where else could this whole fiasco end , but in police assassinations? Is anyone really surprised? Expect more...and do not expect condemnation from Mr Obama or Mr Holder or Mr Sharpton....THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT!
Cam25 ...you should look up the definition of the word "phobia" Disagreeing with people about their lifestyle does not mean fear , or hatred. Of course if you fear and hate everyone that you disagree with...then I understand your projections.
From the NIH web site Funding History placed for their request for fiscal 2015... 2011 $30.9 bil 2012 $30.8 bil 2013 $29.1 bil 2014 $30.1 bil 2015 request $30.3 bil
Try not to pile too many facts on the science alchemist....500 metric tons of yellow cake uranium shipped from Iraq to Canada after the fall of Bagdhad (you know , the stuff that Valerie Plame and her consort said did not exist) Nerve gas attack on Jordan two months later with "several truckloads" of non existent product....that the terrorists had neither the technology nor the production facilities to make.....wait...wait.... I think that is smoke coming from S A 's eyeballs......
S/A, and there you have the reason that Liberal/Progressive /Marxists don't want conservatives to have a voice on campus...because then they get to make both sides of the discussion with out having to deal with the inconvenience of real opposing ideas. I doubt you have read ANYTHING on Creationism, and as a result have zero reference for what you say. (There are MANY, MANY holes in evolutionary theory....but since it is your religion...well...) And , since the globe hasn't warmed significantly in 20 years, and the ice masses at both poles are growing...again...well.... And repeated denial of facts does not eliminate the facts...and you did get one right...lowering marginal tax rates does not increase productivity among the unemployed....but when people get to keep more of what they earn , they SPEND MORE....and lowering taxes on capital gains, increases revenue to the government...but Democrat /Marxists just don't want people ( not approved by Dems/Marxists) to be successful. When you don't want to have to deal with opposition...just don't let them talk....I think that was how STALIN worked ...wasn't it?
This is only temporary....they will get back on the company line...right after they get their notice of Audit from the IRS.
WILL-ETHAN , thy name is OBAMA
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