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so abortion in the case of rape is not Ok for you but abortion if the life of the mother is in danger is Ok. That is what Mourdock thinks. So essentially he is being a hypocrite. If your mother, wife or daugther were raped or the victim of incest, I bet your stance would be much different.
but Mourdock thinks it's ok to abort if the mother's life is in danger. So he's a hypocrite on this issue.
He needs to stifle it or we are going to lose another Senate seat.
obama refused to work w Republicans. His response "I won."
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New Ad Features 'Obama Phone' Lady

wodiej Wrote: Oct 16, 2012 8:25 AM
After Nov. 6th this lady and millions of others need to prepare themselves for doing something that will enhance their self esteem because the freebies will begin to dwindle away.
Bad news for obama always brings out his ugliest, most hateful supporters.
We don't have several weeks to go. We have 3.
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Polls: Romney Ahead 49-47 Percent

wodiej Wrote: Oct 15, 2012 8:51 AM
It sure is not a compliment to the IQ of our country when 47% still think obama would be a good president in a 2nd term.
wonderful, thanks for sharing. It's also a side of obama you'll NEVER see.
In other words, you don't know.
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