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Where's the part about him having integrity?
"Woodenhead, tried to explain this last night, but your blinders apparently have completely coveered your eyes (and brain). There is a difference between tax RATES and tax cuts. Go back to the 80s, Reagan cut rates significantly (with the help of a Dem Congress, by the way) and yet revenues to the gov't creeped up some." - Oldervoter Mittens knows the difference between tax rate cuts and tax cuts. See any mention of rates in the quote I cited? Here it is again - "We're going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20%, including the top 1%," - Romney If you think this wasn't a lie, you don't know much about lying. Reagan's tax cuts didn't pay for themselves and neither will Romney's. Ask Stockman, Reagan's budget director.
Couldja source that Anne?
No. Benson lies. I know that'll come as a shock to you but . . .
Where does Cutter say that? Are you really not bright enough to know when these TH hacks mischaracterize exchanges?
Rossiter sounds like one of those conservatives who have little or no integrity. It'd be interesting to see the results of a self-diagnosis. Given how few conservatives there seems to be compared to liberals, it'd also be interesting to know how he distinguishes between normal and distorted development, and rational vs irrational." Normal development involves teenagers rebelling against parental authority but most conservatives don't seem to reach that stage, remaining instead in the pre-teen stage of adoration and never challenging parental views on sex, religion, politics, etc.
At least one conservative truth would be a welcome change after watching Romney lie his rear off over and over. That 47% he slurred? Never mind, he doesn't believe that now. Those people with pre-existing conditions he claimed were covered by his healthcare plan? Never mind, now his campaign says they aren't. That 20% tax cut for everybody including the top 1%? It's not a tax cut after all. Lie after lie after lie. Who's running Romney's campaign - Bagdad Bob? Romney is Bagdad Bob
So where's the lie Robby Benson mentioned? Is he pretending he doesn't know what "stipulated" means in this context? Cutter is a lawyer who obviously used the word as lawyers usually use it. That's obvious from context - "Law . to accept (a proposition) without requiring that it be established by proof: to stipulate the existence of certain facts or that an expert witness is qualified." ""We're going to cut taxes on everyone across the country by 20%, including the top 1%." - Romney. Was this another one of his lies?
More on cruelty - "Well, we do provide care for people who don't have insurance. ... We pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the hospital, and give them care." - Romney Cruel and stupid given that those people wind up costing a lot more once they become emergency room patients.
"This is the issue the left pushes so hard on for one primary reason: it ties people to government handouts." And in your world it probably isn't possible that the left defends the safety net - even though it includes a relatively small percentage who game the system or become dependent - because the left cares about the poor and believes a civilized country can and should do better than the Darwinism of the let-him-die crowd.
I doubt most of 'em are as stupid as they pretend to be. They're just so desperate to believe they're not sociopaths that they're willing to overlook any flaw in their leaders. That's why they take such comfort in numbers - if a lot of people believe as they do maybe they aren't stupid or freaks or hicks or any of the other things they've been told they are. Interesting to see the hacks prey on their weaknesses. You're not stupid, they're told, You're even brighter than average. And they eat it up.
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