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YES! Every person that counts vote is part of this mega conspiracy concerning voter fraud. That's what it is!! There was nothing wrong with our parties platform, the other guys simply cheated!
Like I said. It is more convenient for some of the people posting here to say the other side cheated than to accept that fact that they actually lost. As Paul Ryan has said the president won "fair and square". New Black Panthers in Philadelphia? More like Black Panther (singular). That one guy somehow proves massive voter fraud? I guess you're right...kind of in the same way as me trying to prove that 2+2=9.
And in the real world people that are grounded in reality would accept that they lost.
Political discourse? Are you saying political discourse wouldn't happen if someone else would have been elected? Racial division?? Really? I know, I know.. we were such a racially unified country before 2008 am I right?Would terrorism somehow become non-existent if Mitt Romney would have won. I am confused. And what is a rhetorical sociopath Kenyan?
Yes you have taken the cake Edward. Lets not apply the breaks and save our lives when we can instead just drive off the cliff. After all, it will teach us not to drive off cliffs.
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