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Time for Introspection, but Not Surrender

wmou Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 7:05 AM
We lost this country when we allowed the Supreme Court to negate the 9th and 10th amendments and rewrite the 1st. It has taken a few decades, but now we are feeling the full effect of the constant expansion of federal power. Take the pot vote in Colorado. Some say it proves we still have state's rights, then they debate whether or not the feds will allow the law to stand. If state's had rights, there would be no debate. The state's and the people's only rights left is to do as the central govt dictates. And the majority thinks its great and sticks their hands out for freebies.

Has the nation gone irreversibly blue? Did intraparty disunity sabotage Mitt Romney's presidential quest? Or is there some other explanation for the nation's re-election of a president with the worst record in decades?


I received an email from a brilliant conservative friend who wonders whether Republicans can ever win another election and thus whether the nation is forever lost. I ran into a college student at church the Sunday before the election, and despite his strong conservatism and high intelligence, he admitted confusion about the candidates' respective positions after the presidential debates.

My first reaction after...