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Government Plays Favorites

wmou Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 7:48 AM
They also have most Americans conditioned to blame corporation execs for buying influence, instead of blaming members of congress for being bought.
NewJAl Wrote: Apr 10, 2013 9:09 AM
Scapegoating by political demagogues. These very corporate execs are thick with Obama, and return any favor by sponsoring fund raisers, yet the uneducated dolts never see the link.
Blame anyone, even Bush. Any small business person will tell what the Federal and State Governments can do to make it easy to profit and hire workers.
Anyone who still believes Obama wants such Capitalist enterprise to succeed is a useful idiot.
But everything he does is for the fundamental change his mentors and advisors want. No stupidity, or incompetency there at all. Capitalism and Constitution will be used, anytime, to bring what Socialism or worse. Do not challenge this unless you have checked who he has always hung with, and decide for yourself.
People say government must "help the little guy, promote equality, level the playing field."

People often go into government to do that. But even when people mean well, it's natural for them to help out their cronies.

David Stockman, who ran the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan, was criticized for saying the government's budget numbers didn't add up. But he was right.

Now, in his book "The Great Deformation," he says both major political parties failed ordinary Americans when the housing bubble burst, and they rushed to bail out cronies at big banks. Government continues to threaten our future by...