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Clint Still Has the Guts that Punks Lack

wmou Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 8:16 AM
How can you tell how effective a republican is? By how hard the media and the democrats try to personally destroy them. " the national media go bonkers" The speech got millions of hits on Youtube and other outlets, so people saw the whole thing for themselves and not the soundbites the media wanted them to hear. As was tried with Palin, Clint must be destroyed.

Theater review on Townhall Finance? Hey, it’s a holiday. Anyway, bizarre deviations from the script are cool! Just ask Clint Eastwood.

Old, new, and social media are abuzz deconstructing Eastwood’s performance at the Republican Convention.

Brilliant? Senile? Disastrous?

The right answer is it was a triumph, a gutsy one. In immediate impact, substance, lingering effect, and the personal risk of the messenger, it was a unique accomplishment that has already added a new meme to the campaign: The empty chair.

Let’s dispense with the spin that it was...