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"Abusive sexual conduct" What is that? Rape? Or was he staring with intent to gawk? Or did he say something that someone could yell that they were "offended"? These broad general statements that say nothing and serve only to smear the military generally. If there is a specific allegation of misconduct, explain it. If not, leave it until the facts are known.
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wmessinger Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 9:08 AM
The "public safety exception" is taught by an FBI lawyer. But has this so-called exception been created by the Courts or just by the FBI? What is the Court case that creates the exception? If it hasn't been created by the Courts, it isn't an exception. Does it need to be an exception? That is a different question.
If a person has been convicted of a crime and has completed his sentence, why is he banned for life from owning a firearm? That is extra-judicial reprisal. And if a person convicted of a crime can be denied his right to own a firearm, he can also be denied his right to a lawyer, his right to a jury trial, or his right to practice his religion. The government doesn't have the authority to deny any Citizen his rights unless it is part of the sentence of the Court. When the sentence is served, the loss of rights is over also.
Why does Obama keep showing up at the feet of those "Reverands" who spew hate speech under cover of religion?
Why should a Citizen - who has been convicted of a crime and served his sentence - be banned from possessing a firearm for the rest of his life? We don't deny driver's licenses for repeat DWI convictions. Only for firearms, even if the crime was unrelated to guns. The background check is nothing more than BLACKBALLING - another form of baseless discrimination.
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Why the No-Fly List Doesn't Fly

wmessinger Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 6:56 PM
The NO-FLY list does not prevent someone from getting a pilot's license and flying a small plane whereever he wants to go. I'm really surprised that more people don't opt to do that. No parking problems (drive your car right next to the plane and load your own luggage, then park for free), no searches, fly from hundreds of airports closer to your destination or home, fly when you want to, fly with people you know and are comfortable with, and the scenery during the flight is much better. SMART PEOPLE FLY THEMSELVES. Others are treated like cattle by TSA and the airlines.
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Churches: Time to Fight!

wmessinger Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 10:01 AM
Churches aren't given 501(c)(3) status paperwork by the IRS, so the IRS can't take a church's tax exempt status from it. The IRS has no authority over the tax status of a church and I know of no case where the IRS has tried to remove the tax exempt status from a church. Churches are free to speak. They just need to have a backbone and moral resolve - which frankly most do not.
Is there any part of the Constitution that Bloomberg doesn't hold in contempt and hasn't violated? He is not only anti-constitution, he's down right un-American.
Here is an opportunity for tax savings. Fire the food inspectors! Deny them unemployment. They may appreciate a meal of deer meat at the local homeless shelter.
I spent the time, money , and effort to obtain a pilot's license. I avoid expensive airport parking, lost luggage, and the TSA. I fly on my schedule and have thousands of airports to land at, rather than the few hundred open to airlines. Americans put up with the TSA because they no longer love FREEDOM.
Unless it is your right to possess a firearm that has been regulated out of existance for purposes of safety. Why does the government get to decide what is safe and who is "approved" to exercise a constitutional right? These are God-given rights that the government feels free to infringe as it feels best for government.
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