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Defeat is an Orphan: A Foot Soldier’s After Action Report

Wm8 Wrote: Dec 12, 2012 2:50 PM
President Reagan knew how to speak with people, not down to them. That is how he was able to "personalize" his relationship with the American people, all of them. We all felt his dream of the shining city on the hill and I really wish today's politicians and pundits would remember that. He an Tip O'Neill accomplished much in their working together and I would hope that could happen again but I do not think that we will ever see that happen again.

John McCain memorably called himself “a foot soldier in the Reagan revolution.” I count myself as a foot soldier, too. I have walked precincts in every election, save one, since 1968. And, as an historical researcher, I have studied every presidential election since 1788. In the last six months of this election year, I logged some 13,341 miles on the Family Research Council-Heritage Foundation’s “Values Bus” to some 40 cities and towns in eight states. Campaigning at the grassroots level, you learn stuff.

Many people today are saying conservatives must give up their core beliefs if they want to win elections...