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Clint Still Has the Guts that Punks Lack

Wlmitch1 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 5:48 PM
Clint Eastwood got the Left, as Obama would word it, all wee-weed up over his empty chair skit, exactly as he planned it! "There's somethin' about August goin' into September, where, ever'body in Washington gets all WEE-WEED UP! I dunno what it is. But that's what HAPP'NS!" Barack Hussein Obama, August 20, 2009

Theater review on Townhall Finance? Hey, it’s a holiday. Anyway, bizarre deviations from the script are cool! Just ask Clint Eastwood.

Old, new, and social media are abuzz deconstructing Eastwood’s performance at the Republican Convention.

Brilliant? Senile? Disastrous?

The right answer is it was a triumph, a gutsy one. In immediate impact, substance, lingering effect, and the personal risk of the messenger, it was a unique accomplishment that has already added a new meme to the campaign: The empty chair.

Let’s dispense with the spin that it was...