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While George Was Calling Donald a 'Bloviating Ignoramus'

wk2w Wrote: May 31, 2012 7:52 AM
Now, that was a good column. This is what the 2012 election has come down to; a never-ending series of pointless personal attacks as the country is being flushed down the toilet. All the while, the pathetic media continue to regurgitate whatever they're fed by their inner circle of Twitter buddies. Does anyone still think that a journalist is supposed to have some professional credibility? Do you think that for one minute they would actually consider reporting on newsworthy stories?

WASHINGTON -- Did I waste my time last Sunday? In the morning, I was reading "The New York Times," acquainting myself with precisely how the rich and famous live. The editors of the Times chose this story for its front page, so I figured they thought it important. It involved the Romney family and someone called Jan Ebeling. It turns out I could have spent my time otherwise.

On Sunday morning, the syndicated columnist George Will appeared on ABC News' "This Week" and, though I failed to watch it, he ruminated over Mitt Romney's fundraising and those donors whom he cultivates....