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Mitt's Damn-the-Torpedoes Decision

wk2w Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 8:49 AM
"Well, this will be a test of the communications skills of the Romney-Ryan campaign." That's an understatement. Just as Reagan did, they have to make the case to people who either disagree with them or just don't care either way. Preaching to the choir isn't going to help at all - we're already convinced.
Seawolf Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 10:30 AM
I say ridicule this clown at every turn...when he comes up with a stupid line like "you didn't build that" run an ad with "Say WHAT?" Just who DID build it? Did the gov't assist Edison or Henry Ford? One could destroy this clown in a week if they'd stop this PC garbage..he's a communist and a racist and that is not hard to prove. His past associations PROVE it, his cabinet appointments PROVE it and his own words condemn him.

Mitt Romney's decision to select Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate speaks well of the man who made it. Indeed, it seemed less like the moderate man we have come to know than Adm. David Farragut in Mobile Bay:

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!"

Facing sinking polls, endless attack ads on his tax returns and Bain Capital record, and venomous lies that he was culpable in the cancer death of the wife of a steelworker seven years after he left Bain, Romney decided to convert this dismal campaign into a stark choice of philosophies and policies....

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