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Upward Mobility Barriers

wk2w Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 8:20 AM
Entitlements do nothing but enslave others. When you permit the government to take the fruit of someone else's labor, you are taking something that is rightfully theirs by force. A better society would be one in which people freely exchange, buy and sell gooods, as well as donate and provide for others on a voluntary basis. Good societies are built by communities ensuring the welfare of others, not the state. A person is far better off who makes an honest attempt to take part in society by pulling his own weight. Anyone who honestly cannot pull their own weight should be helped through the community by people who are far more caring and benevolent than the state could ever be.

Let's pretend that we have the political guts to expand economic opportunities for people at the lower end of the economic spectrum. What vested interests should be attacked, and what economic regulations should be targeted for elimination? It doesn't take a lot of money to become a taxi owner-operator and earn more than $40,000 a year. One needs a car, an insurance policy and ancillary interior equipment to make a car a taxi. In New York City, to be a taxi owner you'd have to purchase a license -- called a medallion -- that in June 2012 cost $704,000. New...