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"I Can Die a Happy Man Never Having Been President"

wk2w Wrote: Jul 22, 2013 8:01 AM
We need a word to describe someone who has not the faintest chance of understanding the depths of his own stupidity. Trying to express the absurdity of people like Biden and the hosts on MSNBC is really getting to be quite a challenge with our current vocabulary.

A few days old but here’s a fun and hilarious weekend morning read. Another classic example of Biden being Biden:

Will he or won’t he? GQ Magazine’s newly released profile of Vice President Joe Biden doesn’t answer That Question — will he make a play for the White House in 2016 — but it does make clear that the issue is on his mind. Literally.

“I can die a happy man never having been president of the United States of America,” Biden tells Jeanne Marie Laskas. “But it doesn’t mean I won’t run.”

The piece...