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You're absolutely right. This thing can't be set up like a folding table and put out the day of the garage sale. These people are certifiable fools.
The stupid establishment Repubs are standing over the ball one yard short of the goal line with no one around, and they're too stupid to pick up the ball and step into the end zone. All they need to do is articulate the message that their plan (yes, there is one) is better and that it should be implemented right away.
This whole thing is a joke, right? It's gotta be a hoax. The writers at the Daily Show and the Tonight Show have teamed up to bring you the biggest practical joke show ever produced in Hollywood. Nothing this FUBAR could be real. (Or, could it?)
I'm noticing in the MSM accounts about the roll out that most of the focus is on the faltering web site. They refuse to discuss the most heinous aspects of the roll out - the unmitigated disaster that this law is.
This guy needs to get off the crack pipe.
How about the unnecessary deaths of some of those who lost their coverage?
Don't know why I'm wasting my time here, but.... If an insurance company declines coverage, it has done so because the contract YOU signed with them did not cover the procedure. If you feel you've been wronged, you take it to the judge. When the government dictates what coverage you will and will not have, 1. you've lost your right to choose the care you need, 2. the laws (coverage) are subject to change at any time, 3. you have no recourse when they decide to pull the plug on YOUR life-saving equipment. Marx and Engels are looking up, smiling from ear to ear.. P.S., hope you're not a minority, they were big-time racists who believed in euthanasia.
Cream o' the crop, he is. Still tryin' to figure out what they harvested with that crop, though.
Oh, now how can you say that? You really think the Democraps would sink that low? How can you be so skeptical? After all, they reached across the aisle to pass the bill didn't they?
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