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Liberals Ready to Fire Eric Holder

WJStewart Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 10:23 AM
Mr Holder is trying to comply with the Laws, Rules, and Regulations applicable to Ethics of Members of the Legal Bar Associations that require lawyers to protect "Attorney-Client" confidentiality, both of himself and any of his former firms, but also Mr. Holder refused to Recluse himself from conflicts of interest in any such prosecutions by the Justice Department.

Now that the election is past us, perhaps liberals and conservatives can agree on a bipartisan measure of reform that’s sorely needed in Washington: Obama needs to remove Eric Holder from his spot as the nation’s top law enforcement officer. 

As a conservative, I have been outraged by the selective prosecutions, subversions of the laws to protect political power, the disregard of constitutional checks and balances, along with the general arrogance of the Arrogant General, Eric Holder.

And now, it seems, liberals are starting to have the same concerns that conservatives do.  

The growing unease that liberals have felt...