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Thousands to March For Life in Washington Friday

WJF Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 8:59 AM
Abortion is 'Big Business' in the United States. The average cost of an abortion in a private clinic in the United States is $470 (already 80,129 by 1-25-2013) The average cost of an abortion at a Planned Parenthood Abortion clinic is $300 - $950 (already 20,606 by 1-25-2013) The US government subsidizes abortions at Planned Parenthood. This is an abortion clock - similar to the US debt clock.

Today thousands of pro-lifers will take to the streets of Washington D.C. and face freezing weather conditions to send one message: life must be protected. The annual March for Life kicks off this afternoon on the National Mall. This year's theme revolves around the 40th annivesary of Roe v. Wade and the March for Life is reminding people of the 55,000,000 million lives that have been taken since the landmark decision was made to legalize abortion.

This year in particular we aim to raise awareness in the minds of all Americans of the 40th Anniversary and the...