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Friday Fun: 13-Year-Old Girl Rocks the Range

WJF Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:46 PM
How can so many Liberals be so paranoid and frightened by guns, when a 13 Year old girl has not only mastered the sport but has NO fear of the weapons. More people were killed with hammers last Year than with the so-called assault rifles - do Liberals shake and tremble in fear and trepidation when they see a hammer?
Dash1911 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 8:13 PM
Don't give them any ideas. Great Britain banned keeping baseball bats in their homes after somebody killed another person with one.
Dan_NV Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:55 PM
Your point about hammers is well stated. I just wrote my Congressmen and demanded they immediately introduce a bill to ban assault hammers.
Earl29 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:57 PM
Earl29 Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 7:53 PM
Probably. They represent work.
Note that, while she had no fear of guns, she had respect for the safe handling of them.

Meet Katelyn Francis, a 13-year-old shooting expert. She competes in multi-gun competitions all over the country. Watch and learn, boys.

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