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Humans involved in Illegal Activities have chosen to place themselves in danger with Law Enforcement. Humans who are involved in illegal Gang activities have chosen to place themselves in danger with Law Enforcement.
People of any race or ethnicity that are married and have jobs could theoretically go through life and never have an encounter of 'ANY' type with a Police Officer. People who are walking the streets selling drugs and/or their bodies and leave their children to fend for themselves - will most likely have several encounters with Police Officers weekly or daily. People who steal and/or shoplift and beat or otherwise torture their children will have encounters with Police Officers and Social Services. People without jobs who cruise or walk the streets all night alone or in packs - will have encounters with Police Officers. A Humans lifestyle has more to do with whether or not they will have encounters with Police Officers - than their race or ethnicity.
I like Alfonzo Rachel and I have liked his sensible down to Earth approach on race relations. One of my dearest friends (he has passed on to be with The Lord) responded when I asked him how 'what do you do when people don't like you because you are Black'? He responded: 'There is no sense in both of us having a problem'. I could care less if people think I'm racist - I know I'm not and those who know me know I'm not. I have been called everything imaginable here on Town Hall because of my stands against Liberalism, Racism and Ron Paul's moronic positions on drugs and sex. If you don't want to be criticized - don't be a Conservative who believes in Loving God and Loving Your Neighbor and that Government is 'NOT God' or the answer to the problems facing Humanity.
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The Worst Liberal Lies Of 2014

WJF Wrote: 22 hours ago (10:32 PM)
Never believe anything Barack Obama says - even if he swears under oath that he is lying. Rule Number 1: NEVER believe 'ANYTHING' that Barack and Michelle Obama say. Rule Number 2: When in doubt refer to Rule Number 1.
North Korea might become the 1st Libertarian Country in the World. North Korea has a 'Small Government' - 1 person. In North Korea Libertarians could exercise their personal Freedom and Liberty - because marijuana and opium are completely legal in North Korea - the North Korean Government does not recognize marijuana and opium as drugs. Now if North Korea would just Legalize prostitution and lower the age of consent for sex - Voila the first Libertarian Country.
I think this woman is auditioning to become Barack Obama's civil rights Czar.
Likely Questions for Barack Obama from the MSM (Main Stream Media). 1) Mr President - what do you want as gifts this Holiday Season? 2) Mr President - what color of Lights do you like. 3) Mr President - what will the First Lady 'Allow Us to Eat' during the Holidays?
Barack Obama demands that his 'Subjects' trust and obey his commands - not question him.
There was a time in the United States of America (Before Barack Obama) that the 'Entire United States of America' was declared a 'Free Speech Zone' by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. Now there are 'Designated Free Speech Zones'.
The 1st Amendment is not about reasonable speech - it is about unreasonable speech - otherwise the 1st Amendment would not be necessary.
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