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Good Point - where is the Feminist outrage about Muslims raping and selling little girls?
We must remember that Muslims sell little Girls this age as sex slaves all over the World in 2014.
One of the Largest Democrat Voting Blocs is Sex Workers, Sex Sellers, Drug Dealers, Child Molesters, Human Traffickers, NAMBLA members, Abortion Industry and Planned Parenthood. Most of that Voting Bloc would think the Video was "Cute" and see nothing wrong with the Video.
Homosexuality is a chosen behavior and a chosen lifestyle. 'Constitutional Rights' are Human Rights - life, liberty, freedom to own property, freedom from Government, freedom to worship or not worship, protection from invasion etc. Society also have the right to sanction or license certain things within Society. 1) Granting licenses to Medical Doctors, Airplane Pilots, to Drive Automobiles etc. in order to prove knowledge and ability. 2) Granting a Marriage license in order prove age, consent, or incest etc. Society has the right to NOT sanction certain things like Homosexual Marriage. NOTE: Help for Liberals. Sanction means = to authorize, approve, support or allow certain behavior within the Society.
Homosexuality is a chosen behavior. Molesting children is a chosen behavior. Children have been molested and sexually abused in EVERY Culture and Society since time immemorial. Islam devotees not only condones this behavior, Islam's 'prophet' practiced this behavior. Just because every Society and Culture have perverts who practice this behavior, does NOT mean that 'Child Molestation' is acceptable, should be tolerated and given 'Special Behavioral Rights'. Giving Homosexuals behavioral 'Rights' is as Moronic as giving 'Child Molesters' behavioral 'Rights.
The code word is "Liberty".
How long will the Decent People in the United States of America tolerate Democrats? Democrats would Happily feed Conservatives and Christians to lions and millions of Democrats would gleefully watch on Pay Per View.
When the President of the United States of America Democrat Barack Obama thinks that appointing a 'Transvestite School Safety Czar' and expert 'Homosexual Fisting' teacher Kevin Jennings will make Public Schools safer. 'AND' Democrats want to teach little Girls in Grade School how to put a Condom on a Zucchini with their Mouth. 'AND' Democrats want to teach Kindergarten Children "Sex Education". 'AND' Democrats want to little Girls to have the right to an Abortion without reporting the Impregnator with Statutory Rape. 'AND' Democrat President Barack Obama SUPPORTS and enabled Transporting Minors Across State Lines to Obtain Abortions. Ted Cruz is against Transporting Minors Across State Lines to Obtain Abortions. Ted Cruz is against Human Trafficking and against underage human trafficking and underage prostitution. Restore Decency, Character and Morality to the White House. Ted Cruz and Ben Carson 2016
Why isn't this considered Child abuse and the producers of this Video arrested? I am not surprised at 'ANYTHING' Democrats do anymore - I can't believe I ever was surprised at Democrats.
The long time 'Racist History' of the Democrat Party II * Democrat President John F. Kennedy opposed the 1963 March on Washington by Dr. King. * Democrat President John F. Kennedy, had Dr. King wiretapped and investigated by the FBI. * Democrat President Bill Clinton's mentor was U.S. Senator J. William Fulbright, an Arkansas Democrat and a supporter of racial segregation. * Democrat President Bill Clinton interned for J. William Fulbright in 1966-67. * Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright signed the Southern Manifesto opposing the Supreme Court's 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision. * Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright joined with the Dixiecrats in filibustering the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1964. * Democrat Senator J. William Fulbright voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act.
The long time 'Racist History' of the Democrat Party. * Democrats fought to expand slavery while Republicans fought to end it. * Democrats passed those discriminatory Black Codes and Jim Crow laws. * Democrats fought against anti-lynching laws. * Democrats fought to keep blacks in slavery and away from the polls, and they started the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize them. * Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, was well known for having been a "Keagle" in the Ku Klux Klan. * Democrat Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia, personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 straight hours to keep it from passage. * Democrats passed the Repeal Act of 1894 that overturned civil right laws enacted by Republicans. * Democrats declared that they would rather vote for a “yellow dog” than vote for a Republican, because the Republican Party was known as the party for blacks. * Democrat President Woodrow Wilson, reintroduced segregation throughout the federal government immediately upon taking office in 1913. * Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt's first appointment to the Supreme Court was a life member of the Ku Klux Klan, Sen. Hugo Black, Democrat of Alabama. * Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt's choice for vice president in 1944 was Harry Truman, who had joined the Ku Klux Klan in Kansas City in 1922. * Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt resisted Republican efforts to pass a federal law against lynching. * Democrat President Franklin D. Roosevelt opposed integration of the armed forces. * Democrat Senators Sam Ervin, Albert Gore, Sr. and Robert Byrd were the chief opponents of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. * Democrat public safety commissioner Eugene "Bull" Connor, in Birmingham, Ala., unleashed vicious dogs and turned fire hoses on black civil rights demonstrators. * Democrats were who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the other protesters were fighting. * Democrat Georgia Governor Lester Maddox "brandished an ax hammer to prevent blacks from patronizing his restaurant. * Democrat Governor George Wallace stood in front of the Alabama schoolhouse in 1963, declaring there would be segregation forever. * Democrat Arkansas Governor Faubus tried to prevent desegregation of Little Rock public schools. * Democrat Senator John F. Kennedy voted against the 1957 Civil rights Act.
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