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Why Liberal Progressives (Barack Obama) are 'Perpetual Children'? When American Citizens attempt to rationalize, mitigate or otherwise justify the decisions and subsequent actions or inaction's of Barack Obama by pointing to George Bush and saying "He Did it First", not only are they using 'Childish logic and Reasoning' better suited to a 'Sandbox' or 'Playground', they are ignoring what they should be doing. Those who compare George Bush to Barack Obama or vice versa, are showing their lack of a correct perspective on reality at best, or they are revealing their inner 'Hate America' philosophy at worst. Whatever Bush did or did not do as President, or whatever Obama does or does not do as President - should be compared to the Constitution and Bill of Rights - NOT EACH OTHER OR OTHERS. Barack Obama 'Flaunts' and disparages the Constitution and Bill of Rights in everything he does or proposes and especially when carrying out his 'Not so Hidden Agenda' to transform America from a Constitutional Republic to the Tyranny of Marxist Socialism or worse. The foremost question in the minds of America's 'Perpetual Children', seems to be "Who flaunts and ignores the Constitution the most or best or did it first?" The American Citizenry needs to grow up and become thinking, rational ADULT Citizens - which unfortunately is impossible for Liberal Progressives.
He did it First Argument - the Primary Argument of Liberal Progressives. The "He did it First Argument" is supposed to be relegated to children who are bullies and have not been 'Parented Properly'. When a spoiled little 'Narcissistic Child' is confronted about 'Why did you hit your little sister?' - the expected response is 'She hit me first'. When a spoiled little 'Narcissistic Child' is confronted about 'Why did you take your little brother's toy?' - the expected response is 'He took my toy first'. Liberal Progressives are 'Trapped in Limbo', with the mind of a 'Spoiled Narcissistic Child' and an adult body. When these Liberal Progressive 'Spoiled Narcissistic Children' are asked 'Why is Barack Obama creating jobs and entrepreneurial skills for Muslims in other Countries when 17 million Americans are unemployed'? - the expected response is 'George Bush or someone else did it first'. NOTE: Apologies to all 'Spoiled Narcissistic Children' because unlike Liberal Progressives they haven't had a chance to grow up yet.
The Paranoia of a 'Malignant Narcissist' like Barack Obama CANNOT be overstated. Initially, Barack Obama will revel in the power and control he has when he Vetoes what others want. When Hillary Clinton runs against Barack Obama and the MSM (Main Stream Media) shifts their focus off him and on his potential successor - Barack Obama's venom and hatred will focus on Hillary and the MSM. When Democrats join Republicans to override his Veto - Barack Obama will literally go insane with rage and will 'DO ANYTHING' to become the Center of Attention again. Barack Obama is a deeply disturbed and dangerous individual.
At least give Obama writers cramp.
The United States is in a Constitutional crisis - we have a President functioning as a dictator without the military uniform - refusing to obey or enforce the law - making and unmaking laws at a whim - using Federal Agencies and Federal Prosecutors to harass and intimidate political enemies and ordinary citizens. The Paranoia of a 'Malignant Narcissist' like Barack Obama CANNOT be overstated. Paranoia is what eventually destroys all Narcissistic Personalities and Paranoia has kept Obama focused on blaming others rather than examining his own destructive policies, actions and words. Barack Obama is more concerned about the 'Obama Image' of the 'One' the World was waiting for, than America's Economic morass, Jobs, Border Security or even his own Life. Barack Obama can be asked 'ANY' question and the answer will be mostly about him - how wonderful he is and his historic importance. When Barack Obama gives a Speech he is so self-absorbed he cannot quit talking about himself. During the recent speech Barack Obama gave in India (33 minutes long) - Barack managed to work in references to himself no fewer than 118 times - once every 17 seconds.. Barack Obama is a deeply disturbed and dangerous individual.
willibeaux_ from the Beautiful Rockies Wrote:0 mins ago (4:40 PM) W.. I believe ValJar made a similar threat. De ole Korean War Vet (age 85) ------------------ willibeaux - Great to see you are still here and enjoying life. My handle used to be 'Retired Geek' and I changed it to WJF after Anne from PA passed on to Heaven.
If Loretta Lynch is not Confirmed - the Assistant Attorney General is a radical hard core Lesbian Feminist is Next in Line for Obama to appoint. ------------------- Leslie R. Caldwell was confirmed as the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division on May 15, 2014. As head of the Criminal Division, Ms. Caldwell oversees nearly 600 attorneys who prosecute federal criminal cases across the country, help develop criminal law and formulate criminal enforcement policy. She also works closely with the nation’s 93 United States Attorneys in the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters in their districts. Ms. Caldwell has dedicated most of her professional career to handling federal criminal cases, both as a prosecutor and as defense counsel. From 2002 to 2004, Ms. Caldwell served as the director of the Justice Department’s Enron Task Force. When she worked at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of California in 1999 to 2002, she served as the Chief of the Criminal Division and the Chief of the Securities Fraud Section. During her eleven years in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York from 1987 to 1998, her positions included Senior Trial Counsel for the Business & Securities Fraud Section and Chief of the Violent Criminal Enterprises Section. For her work on the Enron Task Force, Ms. Caldwell received the Attorney General’s Award for Exceptional Service. She is also the recipient of the Attorney General’s John Marshall Award for Trial of Litigation and the Attorney General’s Award for Fraud Prevention. Prior to joining the Criminal Division, Ms. Caldwell was a partner at Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP, a position she held since 2004. From 2004 to 2009, Ms. Caldwell was co-chair of the firm’s Corporate Investigations and White Collar Practice Group. Ms. Caldwell received a B.A. in Economics from Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School.
“We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us.” President Barack Obama October 2010
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