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Democrat Barack Obama has plans for things he cares about. Obama does not care about our borders. Obama is not concerned about ISIS/ISIL (Muslims) - because he is convinced they are inherently good and will eventually partner with the United States. Islam has long represented 'Evil' in the Battle between 'Good and Evil' throughout the ages and in modern times. One thing is certain, Barack Obama will NOT stop this war or bring peace to the World by 'Bowing and Grinning' at the 'Masters and Leaders' of evil. Nor will the Teleprompter inspired words and 'Naive' declarations of Barack Obama eliminate the hatred of all that is Good in the hearts and minds of the Islamic masters. "Islam can be compatible with the modern world. It can be a partner with the Christian & Jewish & Hindu & Buddhist faiths in trying to create a better world." Barack Obama Messiah College 2008 ISIS/ISIL (Muslims) have absolutely no respect or fear of an Effeminate - Swishing - metro-sexual like Barack Obama. Islam will never "Partner with the Christian & Jewish & Hindu & Buddhist faiths", Barack Obama's 'Declarations' notwithstanding.
What type of leader is Barack Obama? Barack Obama is nothing more than a 'Judas Goat' leading his 'worshipers' to certain slaughter. Barack 'Judas Goat' Obama, will take America down, while his glassy eyed followers chant 'Yes We Can'. What is a Judas Goat? The stockyards use such a goat to lead the sheep to the slaughter. Without the aid of a Judas goat, the sheep would mill around endlessly in the pen and would not enter or traverse the chute to the slaughter house. The Judas goat, mingling with the sheep, is trained to lead them out of the pen and down the chute to the slaughterhouse. And at the last second, the Judas goat is allowed to escape by a side-gate while the sheep go to their appointed end. Barack 'Judas Goat' Obama is leading his 'Obama Sheep' to the slaughter, while the rest of us are telling the 'Obama Sheep' - HE IS LEADING YOU TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE. The Obama 'Judas Goat Sheep' just bleat BAH, BAh, bah - he is our great leader and he wouldn't hurt us - he loves us.
Many say Democrat Barack Obama is not a Leader and has failed miserably as a leader. I disagree. Leadership isn't always about what you do or making decisions - Leadership is about priorities and values and how you communicate those to others. Barack Obama has been loud and clear about his 'Priorities' - even the most casual observer knows that the Safety and Well being of the United States of America is 'NOT' a priority with Barack Obama. Not only has Barack Obama refused to protect our Borders - Obama has made a point to transport the sick and diseased all over our Country. Barack Obama makes it known in every way possible that he abhors the American Values of God, Home and Country. Patriotism is not Doing what makes one feel good about themselves - Patriotism is about placing Country first and self second. Barack and Michelle Obama are 'Anti-Patriots' - someone who loves and zealously supports and defends their Political Ideology - rather than the safety and Health of United States of America.
Contrary to almost ALL religions in the World - Islam not only condones lying, but encourages lying. Ever heard of the word - 'al-Taqiyya' - A one-word translation would be 'Dissimulation.' The meaning of "al-Taqiyya" is that the tongue is permitted to utter anything in a time of need, as long as the heart is not affected; and one is still comfortable with faith, whatever is said would NOT be considered lying. Muslims will even lie and say there is no such thing as Taqiyya (Koran 3:28, 16:106). One cannot believe ANYTHING a Muslim says about 'ANYTHING" - much less stopping the killing of Jews and other Non-Muslims - ANYTHING.
The United States Constitution 'Clearly' defines the Presidential duties - obey the law and enforce the law. Democrat Barack Obama not only refuses to Obey or Enforce the law - Obama rewards anyone in his Administration who breaks the law.
Neither massive problems on our Borders or Palestinians (Hamas) killing and maiming innocent Jews or Christians being tortured to Death by ISIS/ISIL (Muslims) or American Citizens losing their Life Savings due to Democrat Barack Obama's policies - can stop President Barack Obama from his rounds of Golf, parties and Play times. Barack Obama has proven beyond any reasonable doubt - that he will keep his Priorities of vacations, parties, fundraisers, dances and golf - No matter what happens in the World or the United States. Riots and violence to someone who has spent their entire Adult life inciting violence - are ho-hum events.
I find it hard to believe that anyone thinks Barack Obama cares what happens to anyone except himself.
Barack Obama doesn't have a strategy for protecting United States Citizens from 'Crazed Muslims' who sever the heads off American Citizens. 'BUT' Obama does have this strategy: "I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." President Barack Obama
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Obama Talks About "Immigration Rights"

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There was a time in America when the 'Ten Commandments' was not only allowed - but displayed prominently and the majority of Americans observed them. A time where a person who was 'Stoned' all of the time was pitied and the 'Town Drunk' was not considered the ultimate example of Patriotism - who was just exercising his freedom. A time where a Female exercising her Freedom and Patriotism became a 'Rosie the Riveter' - instead of a sex object making and killing babies. Liberal Progressives decided that 'Evil' did not really exist in man - the only evil was in inanimate objects like guns - or in phobias caused by ignorance like Islamophobia. Liberal Progressives determined that the 'Only' way to eliminate Racial Discrimination was by Affirmative Action - Racial Quotas and Racial set-asides. Liberal Progressives feel they can 'End Poverty' by simply taking hard earned money from the working class and giving that money to the parasite class. Any one who opposes these noxious notions are deemed radicals and guilty of crimes against Humanity.
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