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Does anyone know if Rand Paul is against voter id like his dad?
Scott4672 Wrote:2 minutes ago (10:34 PM) Or I suppose I should say anti-Christ. ----------------- I agree.
A recent article here on TH predicted the Democrat party will change to the Atheist Political Party. You really should watch this short video about a 5 Year old girl who was caught praying over her meal at school - it is an eyeopener and she is the sweetest little thing. http://godinamerica2011.blogspot.com/2014/04/citizenlink-stuart-shepard-they-caught.html
Earl29 - Many of us are for a smaller and more limited Government. Gay Marriage is 'NOT' about love - it is about Government benefits that married couples have over unmarried couples. Many Gay websites are advising Homosexuals to marry, even if they never live together in order to receive all of the over 1000 Government benefits of being married - (BTW, the over 1000 Government benefits is their number and not mine.) Until we get Government downsized and under control we do not need to add more Government Benefits to a large group of people.
Then do something about it instead of blasting Republicans go after the Democrats and elect as many like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul as possible.
Dan_NV - I have supported Ted Cruz since the Day after his infamous 'Green Eggs and Ham' filibuster on the Senate floor and here is why. The 2016 election is going to be the most vile and mean-spirited election in American history and perhaps even the history of the World. Those that want the United States of America destroyed and the MSM (Main Stream Media) are going to have a 24/7 blitz against the Republican candidate and a Republican President. They know if they lose the 2016 election - Liberal Progressives may not regain control again. Ted Cruz has shown he can handle that abuse and even gain respect while doing it - name another potential candidate who could possibly take that against him, his family, his friends and everyone he knows and anyone the MSM thinks he knows. This election will not be about policy - it will be about the ability to withstand the onslaught of Lucifer himself.
If you think I approve of or like our political position in America - you are 500% wrong. I want to do more than complain about it and I want to do more than 'bark' at the problem and I want to offer some solutions.
Joycey, I think everyone is more than frustrated with our politicians - I know I am. I have been in similar situations many times before, where the board of directors are on the brink of losing everything then own because the software that drives their company is not working and they have lost all patience to the point of blasting even the ones trying to help. Ann Coulter is a 'word bomb thrower' and has a way of riling most everyone - I have always liked that in her believe it or not. We must remember she is a political pundit - a commentator on a larger scale than you or I. The United States of America is in dire straits and we need all hands on deck - because our Country is vulnerable we will be assailed from every side and even those who should help - won't. We must be soldiers and perform our duties even if those all around us throw in the towel or attack us. Even 'IF' the United States of America is destroyed, at least we can say we did all that could be done.
Ann Coulter is a commentator just like you and I only with a bigger audience - she is not an elected official.
Any sane and rational person who is not upset at our Government - needs counseling. If Action is what we need - what are the 'SPECIFIC' action points we should give to our leaders like Ted Cruz? How can they know what we want if we do not tell them?
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