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Americans, Where Have You Gone?

WJF Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 8:36 AM
Liberals complain when a 'Convicted Murderer' is executed because Liberals claim the method of execution is "Cruel and Unusual Punishment", which they say is unacceptable due to the suffering, pain, or humiliation it inflicts on the person subjected to it. Liberals have 'NO PROBLEM' with leaving a Baby which has survived an abortion attempt, to die of shock, thirst or starvation while the baby screams and sobs for help and receives NO PAIN MEDICATION or medical assistance. Democrats see 'NO' "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" on this type of death for a baby.
Raven7 Wrote: Feb 14, 2014 11:42 AM
In their eyes, it is not a baby, but only a "lump of tissue." None are so blind as those who will not see.