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5 Reasons Barack Obama is a Creep

WJF Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 8:38 AM
President Obama, like many leftist constitutional law professors, seems to have studied the Constitution for the same reasons a professional burglar studies locks and safes. Barack Obama has shown complete disregard for the Constitution that he has sworn to preserve, protect, and defend. President Obama’s actions demonstrate that he thinks he’s above the law. When he doesn’t get his way (after throwing a hissy fit), he creates new policies to his liking.
R.3 Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 9:35 AM
Great analogy, WJF. Far too many people automatically think his being a constitutional law professor means he is pro-constitution. His actions prove your point. Like the "rich" people he demeans over tax loopholes, he scours the Constitution for loopholes to advance the demise of individual freedom.

Is Barack Obama the Vladimir Lenin of American Presidents? No, Lenin was competent in an evil sort of way. Obama is more like Leonid Brezhnev: an ultra left-wing, belligerent doofus who isn't laughed at by the general population primarily because the mainstream media liberals say nice things about him out of fear that they'll end up in a gulag if they're too harsh. Of course, we don't have gulags, but reporters who criticize Obama would be snubbed by their peers at cocktail parties in Manhattan and Old Town, which seems almost as bad to liberals. This is how a narcissist who...