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The Last Ticket to Fantasyland Expires in Three Months

wiseone Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 8:13 PM
"Both of those centrist elements have often led the country to believe that limited government meant accepting half the social and economic agenda that more radical Democrats propose." Under FDR the Dems got half of their radical agenda. (1/2) Under LBJ they got 1/2 of what was left. (3/4) Under Carter they again got half of what was left. (7/8) Under Clinton they again got half of what was left. (15/16) Under Obama they again got half of what was left. (31/32). And they're still not happy and still blame the Republicans.

The presidential playbook generally calls for a successful candidate to swing to the middle when they are running unopposed for their party’s nomination.

But as we enter perhaps the final months of the Obama administration, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to make an appeal to the center, if indeed a center even exists in American politics anymore.

Obama has destroyed the political center in this country, and for that we can be thankful. 

Because Obama’s policies have exposed the basic problem with the bipartisan approach favored by establishment Republicans and so-called Blue Dog Democrats.

Both of those centrist...