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How Liberals Argue: Democrats Voting Against Debt Ceiling Wasn't "Real"

wiseone Wrote: Jan 18, 2013 10:33 AM
1. Six of the Democrats who comprised the filibuster-proof majority in the Senate were not even elected. They were appointed. And there is a 7th, Al Franken, whom conservatives will always believe won hi seat via election fraud. 2. Democrats always insist on "bipartisanship" when they are not in power, claiming no law passed w/o bi-partisan support is somehow not legit. But, as Raul points out, it only took them 2 months with a filibuster proof Senate to ram Obamacare down our throats even though polls taken by liberal media outlets showed 58%-85% of "the people" opposed it.

As Guy wrote this week, liberals are arguing spending doesn't lead to deficits or more debt. During his final press conference of his first term Monday, President Obama argued that his vote against raising the debt ceiling in 2006 came at a time when things were "different," and that Republicans shouldn't be hesitating to increase the debt ceiling this time around. Yesterday on Neil Cavuto's show, Democratic Rep. Jan Schakosky argued that Democrats voting against a debt ceiling increase in 2006 wasn't "real."