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You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Not even in California.
They each wish that they had been lucky enough to be harassed by him.
Weiner is running for Mayor, Spitzer got his own TV show and is running for office again. I doubt that even John Edwards and Al Gore are ineligible to retrun to public life. These are the people who presume to tell conservatives we are awful because we actually have moral standards. It would be hypocritical for them to have any.
Rush Limbaugh has been saying years that these kinds of sex-related offenses are resume enhancements for Democrats. It makes perfect sense that Filner would be rewarded for his scum-like behavior by being invited to give the keynote address at a convention for victims of sexual abuse. He's apparently an expert on the subject.
Detroit was killed by the industrial unions, chiefly the UAW, and then the carcass was picked clean by the corruptocrats on the City Council and the public employee unions that represented city workers, chiefly the teachers' union.
Detroit is not the first of the blue-state, liberal-run cities to fall. Stockton, CA declared its bankruptcy last year. Detroit is now the largest city to declare bankruptcy. BTW - New York City was headed for bankruptcy in 1976 when the federal gov't balied them out. They don't get any bigger or firster than that.
This is outrageous. Everyone knows that Food Stamps and other welfare is not supposed to be sent overseas. If foreigners want our freebies they're supposed to sneak into the US where they can vote for the Democrats! The Dems don't have any polling stations in Jamaica, Haiti, or the Dominican Republic. Yet.
Walmart is the quintessential American success story. Ordinary Americans working hard and doing things the right way, and thus succeeding without the help of government and despite all of the taxes, reguations, and other interference they encounter from government. No wonder the left hates Walmart. BTW - Have you ever seen how many black people shop at Walmart in places other than Washington DC? Have you ever noticed how many black people WORK at Walmart? Have you ever noticed how none of these blcks are treated any differently than the whites who shop and work there? Just asking.
Both of you are spot on. Walmart offers entry level, and part time work to people who aren't ready for prime yet, don't need it, or are too old to handle a high-pressure 40-hour/week job. Every transaction Walmart makes, whether it's with a customer or an employee, is voluntary from both sides. No wonder the left hates it.
I think the DC City Council should hire that great diplomat Hillary Clinton to resolve this problem. After all, she used to sit on the Board of Directors of Walmart.
1. Re: Walmart supported Obamacare. That's a business decision. It's not Walmart's fault that the Democrats wrote legislation that makes it smart for a business to dump their employee health care program. That's the fault of the Democrats. 2. Re: Minimum wage. The only way an increase in the minimum wage would hurt Walmart's competition is if the competition was paying minimum wage and Walmart was paying more than that. You are apparently just one more troll who flunked Critical Thinking 101.
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