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You apparently missed the pitcher of Kool-Aid when it made the rounds at your table.
The single most powerful determining factor in the way a voter votes in any given election is his or her political party identification. The 41% that still approves of Obama consists almost entirely of Democrats. Since 95% of blacks identify as Democrats they are a subset of the 41% and that doesn't warp the stats at all. Imagine yourself as a identifying with the Democrats and you still have your job. Why would you not approve of Obama? Remember, the notion that liberals really care about anyone beside themselves is grossly exaggerated, and the ones that actually do care about someone beside themselves are so holier than though I can't stand being around them.
That has also been his strategy. To set one group of Americans against another in as many ways as he can.
Yes. It's much more effective to demand "equality" by bringing your fists to a gun fight the way Trayvon Martin did.
It is impossible to have a useful conversation about race when whites, who still comprise something like 75% of the population, have restrictions on what they can say that are so draconian that one wrong word can literally ruin them for the rest of their lives. Mark Furman was pestered relentlessly in the OJ trial about whether he ever used a racial slur. He eventually was cnvicted for perjury because he suggested the use of a racial slur to a screenwriter for the dialog of a movie script and not "admitting" it in court. Paula Deen is being ruined for something she said 45 years ago. This is the backdrop against which the left claims to want to have a dialog on race? They don't want a dialog. They want an excuse to label all of their political opponents racists.
You are exactly right.
Who is liberal enough? Just for the record.
Without Detroit and Wayne County Obama and the Democrats would not win Michigan in a national election.
And the Big Zero still has the approval of a majority there. IMO the poll is more significant for its changes since February than for its bare results. It shows Obama isn't making any new friends and is losing some of his old ones.
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time. Not even in California.
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