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Chris Matthews Has an Epic Meltdown After Obama Loses Debate

wiseone Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 5:06 PM
... his radical, America-hating past. They even shunned the video released yesterday showing Obama ranting and railing against suburban America and extolling the virtues of his "friend" Jeremiah Wright. Maddow has a point. Obama's encounters with the suck-up media left him totally unprepared to play real hardball with a Republican (as did his debates with McCain in 2008), but not because the questioners were sitting down. A harbinger of Obama's debate disaster occurred just a couple weeks ago when two Telemundo/Univision reporters handed Obama his @ss with questions about Fast & Furious and his broken promises. Obama lost because he is a horrible President, a horrible debater, and a thoroughly unqualified Affirmative Action hire.

No words necessary except for at one point, it looks like he might cry.