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Immigration Debate is All About Border Security

Winston8292 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 7:24 PM
American people are too naive or too ignorant or simply stupid. That's why politicians from both parties, but especially Democrats, were able to impose $800 Billion bailout that benefited their friends; Obamacare that is slowly destroying our medical system (albeit ineffective and expensive) and national economy; gay marriage that will destroy traditional marriage; legalization of marihuana that will destroy our youth; gays and women in the military that will destroy the only institution that somehow works. And now, of course, the amnesty, that will destroy our society, our culture, our finances and will lead to worsening of race relations, hatred toward applicants for a piece of ever dwindling pie, segregation, gangs turf wars and potentially a civil war, specially in the southern states. And we applaud the future star of the Republican party Rubio surrounded by despicable McCain, Shumer, Menendez and Graham. What a shame!!!!.