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Immigration Debate is All About Border Security

Winston8292 Wrote: Jun 18, 2013 7:02 PM
You are right on the money, Spectator. It is much easier and cheaper to deport them all. For example, announce the first stage of the reform: All people living illegally (un-documented) in the U.S. must leave the country until January 1, 2015. Any illegal alien discovered still living in this country after the deadline will be arrested and sent to hard labor in Alaska for a minimum of 3 years; deported after he served the time. That's it. Give state and local law enforcement agencies the right to identify illegals and forcefully remove them into ICE maintained camps. (If local cops can arrest criminals why can't they arrest illegal's? Illogical.) That's it. No nuances, no grievances, no appeals. Out, the way they came in.