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Democrats: This Immigration Compromise Looks Pretty Sweet to Us

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 6:49 PM
As soon as his amnesty is announced, Mexicans will collapse the border fence and stream into U.S. Or they can be smarter and rely on Shumer and Rubio to take care of them. How? By allowing newly legalized to marry outside U.S. Thus 20 million already here will bring millions of spouses, real or fictitious. Who will be able to check? Government cannot even follow Russian tips about terrorists...And then the family reunification. As soon as Nancy Pelosi gets back into the Speaker chair, most of "restrictions" in the Bill will be lifted and millions of elderly and sick parents will need subsidized hosing, Medicare and welfare checks. Race relations will worsen, riots follow and we will need AR-15's, that's for sure, Senator Feinstein.
dbaker909 Wrote: Apr 23, 2013 6:56 PM
Winston, Not just Amnesty, but free medical care, Social Security benefits, Worker's Compensation, College Tuition, Welfare, Child Care and K-12 Schooling. These people aren't dumb, and they aren't standing south of the border incommunicado. They KNOW what America will offer them if they make it across the border. (They also know that they can 'vote' for those who make these offers...)

A few days old, but worth flagging anyway.  As conservative debate over the 'Gang of Eight' proposal begins in earnest, Democrats are reportedly pleasantly surprised by the contents of the legislation:

The Senate’s Gang of Eight delivered an immigration overhaul bill this week that was far more generous to their constituencies than Democrats and Hispanic activists expected. The pre-bill marketing campaign — driven by leaks that seemed to come from Republican negotiators — focused on stringent new border-control measures and a long, difficult path to citizenship. The goal was to minimize conservative opposition by...