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Not only Holder - the entire administration. These people are without any sense of decency. It shows everywhere from Oval office to the last paper pusher. They have the power and the microphone. We are quickly becoming Stalinist country. Even Fox News last night got so indignant about nothing. A private citizen, in a private telephone conversation said something politically incorrect - and, my God, the lynching began. Have any one heard Al Sharpton talking publicly about white people, exterminating Jews and Israel? Farakhan? Rev. Wright? Jackson? New black panthers? Congressional black caucus? There are million haters among blacks. Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, NY, some 20 years ago? While attacking Jewish settlment, 15 year old black school dropouts who do not know even their own black history, have shown a perfect knowledge of Jewish history: thousands of them screamed that "Hitler did not finish the job but we will." Who wispered this to their young ears? Who else but Al Sharpton. Those 15 year old are now 35 or 40. It's hard to believe they now love whites, Jews, Asians, etc. all of a sudden. We live in double standard country and it's called Stalinism.
Every TV station become so indignant, CNN barked all day. What has happened to our first amendment? to our privacy? Sterling should hire the best lawyers and sue NBA for 100 million and his despicable girl friend to her last underware. No one is talking about real problems in the world that's becoming more and more dangerous: sovereign countries are being attacked using provocateurs, just like Hitler did, like Stalin did. China has occupied Tibet for years, sending Dalai-Lama in exile. It will take islands that do not belong to China.1930's are repeating themselves only in much more dangerous environment, nuclear age. Where's our eloquest president? 95% of blacks voted for this incompetent lier and deceiver engulfed in "phony" scandals, just because he is black! It screams Racism!
NBA is not Sterling employer, don't be ridiculous. He had a private conversation with his girl friend that should not been made public property. Do you have any idea what the other side is saying among themselves? What about Al Sharpton who's been invited by Obama to a state dinner, hugged and smiled at? The equality must be observed by both sides. It is bad when one side has only rights but not the responsibilities.
I understand his point: the same government that sent 200 heavily armed agents, with helicopters, snipers and attack dogs to get him for his cows grazing stupid desert grass - the same governemt supports people who do not work and are not looking for jobs, living on public assistance in subsidised housing; whose children commit the most crime in this country and populate prisons; who don't know fathers, etc. Black people used to live in families, despite the harshness of slavery. And by the way, what we callled slavery pales compared to what other people have been through, for example, Russian and Ukrainian peasantry, and many ohers. I believe we are losing a reasonable measurement, just to accomodate a certain race group in this country.
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What Race Preferences Hide

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 25, 2014 7:42 PM
The most recent practice at New York elite companies, to be able to boast the high percentages of minorities (and women) is to hire black women. By doing so they killed two rabbits with one stone. So a black woman becomes a sacred cow (Michelle Obama as a VP for diversity in Chicago,) so to speak. The equality between races and ethnic groups should be in the equal opportunities, not racial preferences. We have a result in front of us: Barak and Michelle Obama, both lawyers unable to pass the Bar exam; both incompetent after two Ivy League universities.
I absolutely oppose any "comprehensive" immigration reform, except the existing law of deportation. We cannot reward unlawful behavior with amnesty. Try to cross an intersection on red light and ask for amnesty, see what will happen to you. Cliven Bundy was attacked by some 200 soldiers in full riot gear, with helicopters, snipers and attack dogs....for letting his cows graze the stupid otherwise useless grass. And he is a citizen! We need to remember that even Obamacare can be changed, defunded or repealed but amnesty is IRREVERSABLE! We will have to live with the consequences: foreign cultures, no jobs, hate crimes, government subsidies in hundreds of Billions that we don't have and more. If Republican leadership goes this way - I'm out of this shi*ty party in a blink of an eye - let illegals fill out their coffers.
Please, Jeb, as an act of LOVE: don't!!!
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Wage Discrimination

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 7:06 PM
Right on the money, Mr. Williams. What I recommend is this: make women who are kindergarten teachers general surgeons and have them do what Jesse Jackson wanted a few years ago to do to our so-eloquent president, and other totalitarians in the federal government.
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The High Cost of Liberalism: Part II

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 23, 2014 6:54 PM
And never forget the Soviet Union Stalin's double talk: We are for peace in the world but we will repel any aggression (and build the biggest army in history: at the end of WW 2 Soviet Army had some 9 to 10 million soldiers.) After WW 2 Soviet Union was all for peace and friendship, quietly building the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world (80% stolen from the West.) Always beware of Commies and Nazis, they are big supporters of peace and disarmament.... of the West.
The land belongs to the people and people live in states, not in Washington, D.C. So, it's for the state to decide. In my opinion, having lived in a totalitarian country before the U. S., grass should be free; next year another grass will grow. The only exception should be military bases, military test sites, etc. Otherwise grass is free to be consumed. Moreover, cattle fertilizes grass as it goes. In any case, government should accommodate population not the other way around. I jokingly suggested during the conflict that ranchers identified themselves as illegal aliens and that will stop the confrontation immediately. Why? Because illegal aliens trump government properties. They are protected species, followed by Muslims, gays, blacks and women. But don't celebrate yet. This government is a vindictive one. After the mid-term election the rancher and his supporters will be punished quietly and severely and in almost complete silence.
Pelosi is a criminal fool. For her role in Obamacare she should've been faced a firing squad. Period.
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