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So now he is an American. Was Obama also an American when he fraudulently entered Columbia as a foreign exchange student? Or Harvard Law school? When he published a little book as a Kenyan? There' nothing amazing that Democrat fascists always lie: Late Ted Kennedy, Bill and Hillary, senile Nancy Pelosi...What is amazing about Obama is that his every word is a lie - I believe this is a Guinness book record. Even Soviet Stalinist propaganda department or Dr. Goebels cannot beat this Kenyan/Indonesian "American".
Does anyone remember Cambodian re-education camps under Pol Pot's regime? No? Then rent and watch a great movie "The killing fields", narrated by participants of this "Great re-education campaign" of 1970's. As a resut, one third of the Cambodian population perished in those camps. Remember Mao's "Cultural revolution? Some 40 million died. So now is our turn. If you do not have tears in your eyes every time you see two men kissing on the lips you must be a candidate for re-education (and a fine.) Stalin is back! Only his name now is Harry Reid. Elsa Koch is back, named Nancy Pelosi. Totalitarians are back, called Democrat party. One wrong word, one wrong move and IRS will come for you, just as People's Comissariat for Internal affairs in the Soviet Union (NKVD) or Gestapo in Nazi Germany. I can imagine how happy the dead dictators are in their graves. Thank you, Barack Obama, they say, for what you have done for our cause!
OK, so they will come back here legally. What is the difference? And why we are ALWAYS talking about foreigners, what about Americans, their jobs, culture, finances, schools, medical care? As soon as the yesterday's illegals become today's legals he following will take place: 1. They will unionize. Their labor wont be cheap anymore, so what's the point? 2. They will marry abroad (fictitiously in many cases) and will bring millions of spouses here. 3. They will demand family reunification, for themselves and now their spouses. That will bring more millions in this country, but now old, uneducated and unable to work. It will cost Trillions to accommodate the old, sick and unemployed. 4. 90% of the newcomers will vote Democrats, just to get the privileges. 5. Can we do without them? Use our unemployed blacks and others to work in cleaning, roofing, supermarkets, etc.? Any able body receiving government (public) assistance should work a number of hours. This will reduce crime, game of basketball and pushing drugs. Everyone wins!
Rich and powerful Democrats (in names only, of course) all send their kids to best private schools in the country. If I have a chance, every time Democrats start bloviating about their care for minorities, I'd ask them 3 simple questions: 1. Do you live with your beloved minorities in the same neighborhoods (Obamas live in a completely white area; anti-white and anti-Semitic Rev. Wright has built a $1.6 million house in 98% white neighborhood.) 2. Would they be willing to send their daughters to black schools; 3. Would they insist that their daughters marry black men from projects. What a hypocrisy we are living in!
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What Do the Putins of the World Want?

Winston8292 Wrote: May 08, 2014 7:32 PM
As a former Soviet citizen: Russian people have or at least had when I lived there two contradicting psychological phenomena. First, they envy foreigners and believe deep down that foreigners are much smarter that Slavs. Any one of the "Nemets", be it Dutch, Britt, or specially German, was considered a subject of an envy, to their life style, housing, technology, etc. It showed very clearly when Soviet Army entered Austria an then Germany in 1945. Soviet soldiers grabbed everything: rugs, gramophones, china, bicycles and motorcycles. The second feature is the reaction to the first: hatred of foreigners. Russians claimed foreigners do not know public bath, afraid to fight, afraid to risk their lives. The popular saying was: German (Nemets) is pepper and kielbasa. They fart when they eat, etc. And from all that come: huge immigration to better Western living (even in collapsing Greece) and the hatred toward foreigners from Russians even while they are living abroad. For example, Russians living in the U. S. want Putin to prevail. This what is known as the misterious Russian character.
American students must be patient. When Farrakhan and CAIR prevail in this country female students will wear burkas over their bodies, with narrow holes (like in tanks) to find their way to the mosque. Gays will be murdered; students converted to Islam. It's coming. It's not for nothing that our eloquent president identified U. S. as the biggest Muslim country in the world. I agree. Just need to be patient.
No gay marriage? The socialites in New York Upper East side will have multiple heart attacks. Over lunch in the Village restaurants this will be the prevailing theme. Horror! Sheer horror!
The biggest crook in the country. Thief and liar. Only in the modern America people without a gram of decency control the entire country.
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The High Cost of Liberalism: Part III

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 29, 2014 7:34 PM
And votes.
Not only Holder - the entire administration. These people are without any sense of decency. It shows everywhere from Oval office to the last paper pusher. They have the power and the microphone. We are quickly becoming Stalinist country. Even Fox News last night got so indignant about nothing. A private citizen, in a private telephone conversation said something politically incorrect - and, my God, the lynching began. Have any one heard Al Sharpton talking publicly about white people, exterminating Jews and Israel? Farakhan? Rev. Wright? Jackson? New black panthers? Congressional black caucus? There are million haters among blacks. Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, NY, some 20 years ago? While attacking Jewish settlment, 15 year old black school dropouts who do not know even their own black history, have shown a perfect knowledge of Jewish history: thousands of them screamed that "Hitler did not finish the job but we will." Who wispered this to their young ears? Who else but Al Sharpton. Those 15 year old are now 35 or 40. It's hard to believe they now love whites, Jews, Asians, etc. all of a sudden. We live in double standard country and it's called Stalinism.
Every TV station become so indignant, CNN barked all day. What has happened to our first amendment? to our privacy? Sterling should hire the best lawyers and sue NBA for 100 million and his despicable girl friend to her last underware. No one is talking about real problems in the world that's becoming more and more dangerous: sovereign countries are being attacked using provocateurs, just like Hitler did, like Stalin did. China has occupied Tibet for years, sending Dalai-Lama in exile. It will take islands that do not belong to China.1930's are repeating themselves only in much more dangerous environment, nuclear age. Where's our eloquest president? 95% of blacks voted for this incompetent lier and deceiver engulfed in "phony" scandals, just because he is black! It screams Racism!
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