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She should be jailed for the rest of her life. No more villas, huge government pension, paid vacations. One cell, with rats. She is the enemy of the people and should be dealt with an iron fist.
Gay marriage is totally, totally disqusting. Who is the man? Who is the wife? The Pandora box is open, what will follow? Poligamy, of couse. If gays say don't stand in our way to happiness, that principle equally applies to poligamst. What if I love two women? What if a woman loves two men? Incest. You love your 12 year old niece and he loves you, don't deny your happiness! Gays supporters responds: Poligamy is illegal; underage is illegal. My answer: only a few years ago gay marriage was also illegal but then society has evolved! Fifty years ago gay thing was called sodomy and in the entire Europe - pederastia. The latter has been practiced thru the entire Soviet Gulag - the sprawling labor camp system where each important criminal had his own "wife", called in Russian criminal slang pidaras or pidar. There are liberties and there are self-limitations. Remove the latter and everything is allowed, imagine that.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

Winston8292 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 7:31 PM
Bravo, Dr. Sowell. Right on the money! And a bit more: People who always demonstrate against Israeli "aggression", "genocide", etc., including American Left, apparently love Arab children and are trying to protect them. Why then no one have demonstrated against Syrian genocide where in the last two or three years close to 200,000 people have been killed. Even if we take 10% of them children, it makes some 20,000 dead Arab kids, not counting wounded and maimed. Hello, "French" car burners and "Canadians" anti-Semites: can anyone of you answer his simple question???
It is mind bugling how Americans, even smart ones, do not understand Obama. The worse is the country the happier he is. He is absolutely sure that History will hold him in high regard, as the first anti-American American president, a man who tamed this imperialistic, neo-colonialist, aggressive power. Obama is on the side of anti-colonial, anti-imperialistic and therefore, anti-white forces. He sees Israel, for example, not as a state built for survivors of Holocaust in struggle against colonial British empire, but as a force of oppression of Palestinians. He sees them as freedom fighters. The same in the entire Middle East: Lybia, Syria, Egypt, etc. That's why he stopped using fraises like War on Terror. Only with Bin Laden he couldn't hide under the table when his CIA Director told him that after 4 years of pursuit Bin Laden's whereabouts became known. What Obama was to do, tell the Director to forget about it? So he used the killing to is advantage, almost like he did it with his bare hands. And by the way, why killing Bin Laden without proper investigation and public or at least military tribunal hearing? Obama believes that all methods are good when dealing with enemies of his father, white people and uncle Toms. Lies, deceptions, racial frictions, false promises - as long as they work to his advantage. People, specially whites, who scream of joy when they elected and reelected him, their worst enemy, dug their own graves a foot deeper.
The American Organization for Women is the totalitarian fascist group, similar to Nazi and Soviet women organization. It's the extension of the fascist democrat party. War on women? Yes, on these women!. So, what's next? Taxpayers subsidized female napkins? Sex toys? The progress never stops, soon American women wouldn't need men at all. They will marry each other and use sperm banks and leave their kids for taxpayers to take care of them. We will reach the shining heights of complete Communism. Hurray, the sacred dream of American women will come true.
New Obama basketball team: FAB FIVE.
What does he care that his approval numbers are lower? He still has support of the solid 40% of the population, after multiple fiascos. Who are these people? Idiots, yes, some of them; many make money on his policies; many despise conservatism; many want socialism so they don't have to work hard or work at all and live worry free on government dole. Obama does not give a penny about America, a foreign land with stupid people that he probably laughs at every night with Michelle, as an entertainment. In two years he will receive his high pension, benefits for life and praise from American enemies all over the world. He will be welcome in UN as a high commissioner or something, travel the world giving lecture $100,000 a pop. Why should he care about us, the unwashed masses, naive, stupid and gullible?
Obama, being an Arab, masquerading as half black, is the great Muslim sympathizer. He once opined to the New York Times that the muezzin call for prayer is the best music he ever heard. If a sworn enemy of the state, like Castro or Chavez or Putin by miracle elected president, what would they do to destroy this country? Almost exactly what Obama does. The phenomena that I cannot understand is that solid 40% of the population is in his kemp no matter what. This means to me that in 10 to 15 years there will be 50% supporters of anti-American policies and this country will go down, just like other empires before it: most recently, the British and the iSoviet.
Generally speaking, we the Americans are naive, stupid and gullible people. During last couple of years Fox News and Bill O'Reilly showed the viewers younger generation that does not know anything beyond hip hop, beer and sex. I remember one black guy, obviously street smart, who was asked during 2012 election: Why do you think Obama elected Paul Ryan as his running mate: because he is black or because he is very smart? The black guy grinned and answered: I think he's a little bit of both! And this man votes!!! And millions like him vote!!! That's why we have Obamacare. Promised to improve care, insure currently uninsured and save average family $2,500 a year; promised to keep existing policy if "you like it, period". Yet, half of the population liked it, until it hit their pockets. And that is the best motivator of all. Suddenly, Obamacare is not that good, say more than 50%. Well, those naive gullible people are here for a bigger surprise - Stage 2: healthcare reform of the employer's sponsored plans and Stage 3: cutting Medicare to the bones. After all, you cannot stop progress!
Obama is just the window dressing: First Black (although he is not black but an Arab,) well educated (that he never showed the proof of; his college documents are sealed and are not accessible,) speaks clean English, not the slang, and in general, according to Uncle Joe (Biden) looks clean. And so Obama becomes president. He owes the Democrat machine a lot and serves as a talking tool to cover greedy Democrats failures and corruptions. People who voted for Obama are these: a. Blacks. Despite decades of screaming "Equality", "Racism", etc. 96% of them voted for Obama - by the color of his skin. That's not racism because it came from the "oppressed" minority. b. Hispanics. They learn quickly from blacks how to milk the system: scream "we are America, too" and demand; and so they demanded. c. Jews. Always afraid of anti-Semitism that supposedly comes from Christianity, they prefer liberalism and thus solidly in the Dems. party. d. Unions, for obvious reasons One is that they become endangered species and need constant government protection and money infusion. e. Women, who do not want to send their sons to Iraq or Afghanistan and singles who want government subsidies (free contraceptives, abortions, etc.) f. Youth, who is totally brain washed in schools and colleges and becomes more and more militant, radical and intolerant, just like young fascists or commies before them. g. Old geezers who voted all their life for one party thinking it is the party protecting ordinary men, contrary to the other party that cares only about rich people. So, who is left to stand against despotism? White mails only. That's why they are subjects to ridicule and hatred. Who needs them? Not even their wives... And so Obama can play golf; his family can live on our dime and his wife is to remind us that the dreaded segregation is still a common place, that we need to do more for her race. She and her husband milked the system to perfection, why stop now?
This woman clearly belongs to a maximum security mental institution, for life, at least. Just for her role in Obamacare she should be facing a firing squad. She is the true enemy of the people of America. Totally disgusting senile woman.
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