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Not him. Period!
I have an idea. A TV channel, say Fox News, should establish a procedure, kind of a litmus test, in their prime time news shows: allow Democrat analysts and strategists speak on behalf of their beloved poor unemployed blacks, victims of the mean white America, on one condition: they must live among their beloved poor unemployed blacks. You see, it's so easy to sympathize with Ferguson looting and burning crowds or New York crowds chanting "Death to Police" if you live on the upper East Side of Manhattan and well protected by ....the same dreaded brutal police. It's like consuming lobsters with white wine in fancy Manhattan restaurant while complaining that George W. Bush has not done nearly enough to stop genocide in some remote African country (Rwanda, Sudan, etc.) Then the torture of listening to Kirsten Powers on a Factor will stop, thank you, o merciful God!
And so the modern Democrat party becomes the fascist party. Not yet in the mold of brown shirts of Germany but definitely like the black shirts of Italy. Obama, their "leader", actually an empty vessel an a poser, becomes modern Duce. Blacks and aggressive unions are the party storm troops, extremely violent, anti-almost everything that we consider American values; anti-white; anti-Semites; anti-business. The main media are the party ideological supporter. The Hollywood is the Party propaganda machine. Schools and colleges are producing future liberal fascists in huge numbers... Against them all stand weak Republican party, 50% supporting Democrat policies and another 50% trembling of fear of being called names. You can easily guess the future of this unstable superpower.
This is the most ungrateful woman in the world! For 6 years she lives in the Ivory tower on taxpayer dole, with two daughters and her mother. More than 20 women serve her in various capacities! And before that? Vice President of the U. of Chicago charge of DIVERSITY, for God's sake, with $317,000 annual salary, perks and benefits! How could she get into Princeton in the first place, from her inner city black ghetto school in Chicago South Side? The smartest and the brightest white and Asian kids cannot get there, period! Where's their decency, all of them? Rioting, seems forever. L. A., Crown Heights, Ferguson...They rob, rape and murder the very people who pay their welfare checks; provide for free housing and food stamps. It is a vicious cycle that's becoming worse and worse. It's time for decent Americans to stop their fantasies about racial serenity and address this problem head on.
Maybe it's time to stand up to blacks. Non-violent but effective: boycott of black movies, music, Cleveland Cavaliers and S-L Rams, etc. Let them play in empty arenas and empty movie theaters. You will see how quick their salaries shrink to pennies.
Not my voice, not my penny! If he wants to be a candidate for president, he can represent the illegals party. And in general, how do you like Boehner supporting Obama all the way but promising "fights" in the uncertain future. Are we again being duped? Seems that way. And that means we will have to fight both parties, a very unpleasant situation. Cannot trust anyone anymore, what a shame!
Blacks want a free hand in crime, without punishment. They rape and murder at will, for apair of sneakers or a credit card, then claiming slavery for their criminality. It's the most anti-social group in the country. Their weapon is the riots. We either have a low abiding country or we don't. We cannot have special rules for blacks.
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Elite Contempt for Ordinary Americans

Winston8292 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 6:58 PM
Having we heard this before, about 150 years back, from Marx and Engel; then from Vladimir Lenin? The goals of the Communist revolution of 1917 in the Russian empire were to: take government control of the means of production and distribution in a socialist society; make Communist Party the only party in control; promise shining future for the proletariat. Lenin promised land to peasants, factories to workers and power to the workers councils. Centrally planned economy, working as smooth as a charm, without capitalism' ups and downs. What had we got as a result? A huge concentration camp with the GULAG, millions of victims, destroyed agriculture; damaged environment; doom and gloom. But more nuclear warheads (using stolen Western technology) than the entire world combined. We've been through this already. It failed miserably. But this time, of course, our elite will do it right! Lead us, Jonathan Gruber and Paul Grugman, to the shining peaks of the future!
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

Winston8292 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 6:35 PM
It is unbearable to watch the thugs of all denominations: black radicals, anarchists and the entire scum looting and burning while thousand of police officers and National Guardsmen stood around and watch. I'm sure they were under orders not to interfere. I can guess who issued the orders and so can all of you. What if by chance one or two store owners had happened to try to protect their stores? And who will pay now for the damages? The taxpayer, obviously. This is the "colored" justice in America today. The solution to this problem should be very simple: 1. Issue warning through loudspeakers and leaflets; 2. One salvo in the air; 3. Next salvo in the crowd of looters. Guaranteed, the Ferguson will never happen again in a generation.
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The Real Lessons of Ferguson

Winston8292 Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 9:19 AM
It is much easier to do violence and scare everyone to death so Sharpton gets his millions and blacks their privileges, than stay in school, maintain discipline, learn a trade and build a family. And so blacks continue their business: muggings, rapes, murder without any regard to human life. They want to do this with impunity. There will be no peace in our country until American people decide to stop blacks. There are two Americas, one decent, hard working; the other thugs in the prison style garb with their raps and slang and hate. Good America has to put the end to black violence, whatever the price. Our country is under assault, our enemies have one goal: destruction of the U. S. so they can rule the world. The violence in Ferguson is our enemies victory.
This un-liberal black fascist mafia controls the country: Barak and Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarod, Holder, Sharpton, Congressional Black Caucus. These are vicious racists, anti-whites, anti-Semites, anti-Americans. Thank you, Barbra Streisand, Sarah Parker, Gwineth Poltrow, Weinstein brothers, Steven Spielberg for voting for them. You think you will be spared when black thugs, just like in Ferguson, Mo. or L.A, or Crown Heights, Bklyn, start the bloody riots. This mafia is leading our country directly into the civil war. 40 million blacks, 55 million Hispanics, 20 million illegals, 20 million Asians and 197 million whites - one can imagine the horror.
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