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The land belongs to the people and people live in states, not in Washington, D.C. So, it's for the state to decide. In my opinion, having lived in a totalitarian country before the U. S., grass should be free; next year another grass will grow. The only exception should be military bases, military test sites, etc. Otherwise grass is free to be consumed. Moreover, cattle fertilizes grass as it goes. In any case, government should accommodate population not the other way around. I jokingly suggested during the conflict that ranchers identified themselves as illegal aliens and that will stop the confrontation immediately. Why? Because illegal aliens trump government properties. They are protected species, followed by Muslims, gays, blacks and women. But don't celebrate yet. This government is a vindictive one. After the mid-term election the rancher and his supporters will be punished quietly and severely and in almost complete silence.
Pelosi is a criminal fool. For her role in Obamacare she should've been faced a firing squad. Period.
Democrats will not only become Godless, they will become the party of Fascism. Fascism has its own gods: Lenin, Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Mao... These gods cannot tolerate religion, except the religion of Fascism (Communism, National Socialism, etc.) That's why Democrat's first move is against religion. I went through this entire process in the Soviet Union and I can predict fascists next move better than weather forecast. Shut down religion first; then shut down the bravest and the smartest opponents; next is to establish Gestapo and storm troops and force people pray to new god; then die for democrats with a smile and a conviction that this is the best thing to do: Long live comrade Stalin! (Obama, etc.) It happened in every fascist country in the world.
Incompenent as everything Obama.
Take her pension away, it's our money. Imagine, $100,000 annual pension!!! She should be named "an enemy of the people" and sentenced to 5 years jail time. Let her work there for a change. This country is full of parasites who suck our blood. She is one of them.
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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Winston8292 Wrote: Apr 10, 2014 7:52 PM
Kathy belongs to jail, along with all Obamacare executives and architects, namely Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Ziki Emanuel and, of course, our drekish president, pard my German.
Unfortunately, it missed! What a political prostitute, worthy of her hubby!
In a normal country, with population in control of their facilities, Nancy Pelosi would be in jail serving time for Obamacare, wasted "stimulus" trillion and disseminating misinformation to lure the unwashed into voting democrats. She is totally senile and needs immediate help from Dr. Freud and Co.
They have their pants full of sh** facing elections. What have they thought in 2010 when they allvoted for Obamacare, that they are invincible? In my book, all Democrats who voted for this national tragedy should be in jail as the Enemies of the People! Instead of spitting poison in Congress, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and our eloquent president should cut ice in Alaska in the labor camp (and wait until Putin frees them, his natural allies.)
Hey, Russian is my native tongue. I'm thinking of russification of New York/New Jersey area and make Vladimir P. our Beloved Leader, instead of the Eloquent Leader. Make sense?
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