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Free Trade Cheats Americans

It looks like the "progressives" saw the name Phyllis Schlafly and pounced. Everyone below my post are plants. No one can be that stupid to not understand her intent. I will spell it out to unmask you buffoons. 1. Globalistic redistribution of the wealth via carbon tax, regulatory restraints, etc. 2. One world government laws superseding our Constitution. I can go on but in the mind of a progressive, they can only take so much light.
The re-election of Barack Obama hasn't done anything to make more jobs available to Americans, and there is no indication that it will. America now has 23 million people who want a full-time job but can't find one.

Obama doesn't think American citizens or businessmen create jobs. His Jobs Czar, Jeffrey Immelt, recently said on a television interview referring to China, where he has outsourced General Electric's light bulb plants, "state-run Communism may not be your cup of tea, but their government works."

In his first presidential debate last year, Obama claimed that passage of free trade agreements with South...