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I GOT IT!!! Wendy Davis and Anthony Wiener should get together!! Call it the Wendy/Wiener blows jobs (elections that is).
Ted Cruz's wife a member of the Bilderberger Group?! Can anyone check on that? Someone stated that on his blog site.
Two steps forward and only one step back............That's "Progress"
Repeal...........yes. Trade for less tyrannical?
Late getting back from Mass..........Like a moth to the flame, I expected to see you Carlita. How did I know? The theory of Carlos centrism.
I like the nice "Catholic Boy" touch. Maybe you should get a refresher in Catechism instead of the other "isms".
Well........another misinterpretation by this columnist. Let's see if we can explain it a little better......... Capitalism, Socialism, Communism, etc. are all distractions from GOD! You cannot serve two masters........Comprendi? Now, who does he advocate for?
Sorry Drifter........your wrong. Harry Reid is tall, so he's a despicable tall & lanky weasel.
Sorry to say that the Sheeple do not pay attention to politics until the last 2 weeks before an election. The majority will not remember; as the same for the multitudes of horrendous scandals and government encroachments of recent times. Proof is substantiated by the mere fact Obama got re-elected and everyone got an Obamaphone!!!
Woah!!! Is that my governor Mary Fallin??
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