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Mostly from Honduras, Guatemala or El Salvador. Mexicans think they are low class and barbaric. Mexico wouldn't give them the time of day. There are racial bigotry throughout Central and South America. Mexico considers itself North America along with USA and Canada, ergo elitist above other "Hispanics". Blacks are the same way in relation to skin tone. Dark skins consider lighter skins as half-breeds and lighter skins consider dark skins as low class. There are even differing shades they classify by.
"But, conditions in the detention centers for those caught by U.S. Border Patrol are horrific." Horrific to our high-class standards.................but is luxury to them.......
Government workers? No government unions.
Repetitive workers need unions. Thinking workers.........not so much. Consultants......not at all.
They are self-insured.
I hope she lives for another 3 years..........
It means that your boss don't have to pay for your indiscretions.
Close one for "individual" rights. One more liberal SCOTUS and we would be a "collective"
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World Leader Pretend

How about Democrats not voting in a Republican primary (runnoff).
No........embarrassed for what they done.
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