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So now "Logan's Run" moves to the "non-fiction" side of the library...............
Low keyed today. No news is NOT good news. Everything is under the radar.
Scott Walker trailing?? OK, who cut the cheese!!
Koch.............Like saying "MUFASA" to democrats........
Pitiful........and in denial. In denial since the first indication when he violently assaulted the highway patrol trooper (2010). Then, served 2 years of 4 years in prison. The second indication was him joining Islam 4-5 months ago.
Of course, Church of Christ. That should have been my second guess. The Cappella bunch. Yes, you are one of the splinters from the Credence Clearwater Church. From the Presbyterians. Read up on the Second Reformation so you're up to speed. Not what your "preacher" tells you.
OK Scotty, I give up. To what religion do you belong to that came out of Credence Clearwater Church?
Scotty..........I'm bored with your "Pentecostal Holiness" doctrine. Have a good evening.
Amusing.......Acts Chapter II was written by Catholic Priests for Protestants. So that they can have their own Bible. They didn't call themselves the Catholic Church........Just the Church. The word "Catholic" means universal and was first used in approximately 300AD.
No. You are delusional. If the Catholic Church falls, so does any facsimile of Protestant, or stand-alone Christian.
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