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California Teachers Union Video Depicts Rich People Urinating on the Poor

There's a hierarchal pecking order here with unions. The only way you can make it rich is if everyone in the union makes it rich. And, if everyone is rich in the union, then no one is. Only the union bosses.
Winkmeister (Formerly David) Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 3:44 PM
Union dead-end rationale. Do not achieve above others, do not work harder than others and do not question. Your elevated intellect may buy you stones thrown by your peers.

What you're about to see is eight minutes of pure propaganda, produced by the people whom taxpayers pay to educate their kids, and narrated by millionaire actor Ed Asner.  It's unpleasant to watch, but it's worth it -- if only to see what proud, demagogic ignorance looks like (via The Blaze):

Two possible responses: Laugh it off as run-of-the-mill lefty idiocy, and simply present it as the conservative outrage du jour, or explore in depth why this video is so insidious, false and ironic. Against...