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Do you kow what SENIOR pastor means? NO! All churches with over two pastors have a SENIOR pastor. He is the PASTOR who takes all the C R A P from unbelievers, like you.
So. What's the big deal? Jealous much?
Ask Allison, she is the resident authority on the subject. GAG!
You have a un-natural obession with Doug, don't cha? Why not go after Peirs Morgan? Merry Christmas Dirt B A G!
DisarmThemObama Wrote: (Allison) They wont work when there are so many guns floating around rid of the guns Sooo, what should the police use when the come across an angry black man with a gun? A pea shooter? No wait they SHOOT. A sling shot? Opps someone could be SHOT. What's your idea Allison? STOP or I'll throw a fit, stomp my feet and cry!
Soooo, Obama has to get rid of his security team RIGHT?
But of course! She just loves her Obama! GAG!
And if we are allowed to protect ourselvs and others, the out come would have been different. I carry a gun because a cop is to heavey.
Really, did it work for you and what's his name when Hazem came to visit?
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