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But But but it must be part of the new TownHall ad campaign. They wouldn't let anything that would harm us on the boards, would they?
Get back to work Obama!
Yes, but they will not say is out loud, esp in front of a mic on TV!
It's run by Team Obama? They don't know if they are comming or going (to a fundraiser).
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Crumbling Constitution

Windy Willow Wrote: Oct 15, 2014 10:11 AM
Make him president and watch liberal heads explode. Esp if Obama leaves his famous pen and phone behind.
Obama get back to work!
And where did you serve? Play ground monitor doesn't count.
Obama found a job he can do!
Obama get back to work and quit being a jerk... Oh wait, that's IMPOSSIBLE!
How stupid can you be? I suspose you have never made a typo in your perfect little life!
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