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Obama bin Biden 2012

topknot Wrote: May 05, 2012 7:26 PM
Just how long can Obummer ride that" I inherited this " he has blamed all his failures on that one thing " I inherited this" .Obummer is a failure he has always been and will continue to be. Look at the food mess old Michelle tried to set up they are both a couple of crocks.

Updated: 5/5/2012- When a U.S. Senator and a sitting governor from your own party won’t say if they support the reelection bid of the incumbent president from their party, well, that’s a political party that is verging into Jimmy Carter territory. Then add in criticism from the publisher of one of the leading liberal websites, and an op-ed from a Democrat US Senate veteran, and decorated war hero, and you are way past Carter territory.    

Party-wise that is.

Carter faced an insurgent bid from Hubert Humphrey progressives in his own party while vying for a second term as president. The result...