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Thomas Frieden should be tried for Stupid and deported to Liberia.
Which party do you want to see ALL members go to prison for 1000 years. DemonRats --- 99.99%. Others ---------- 00.01%.
The perfect description of a DemoNotSeeDemonRats. LIARS, CHEATS, THEIVES, MUR-DERERS, RATS/ROACHES AND DEMONS.
More on Fuddy, She and Ann Dunham, Barry's Mom, were both memvers fo the Subub Cult. And the Leader of that Cult looks just like Barack Obama and is likely his Father. That is the advantage of a man starting a Cult. The Founder gets to EFF all the women. And obama's dad was the Leader of the Pack of Demons.
Oh Yes, Death of Loretta Fuddy was mur-der, see the photos of clandestine Scuba Diver murdering her while her Assistant watches for several frames and then he disappears and she is dead. Be sure to Click on the Pics to make them Full Screen so you can see the details. This Video is beyond frightening they are terrifying. I know that Barack O'Satan had all of his Homo Lovers mur-dered, but this is just because she was going to tell that she Lied when she said Barack Obama's Birth Certificate was in the DOH Records of which she was the Director. I guess the Witness that was her assistant will now be the Director or he will Die Too. Check this out NOW or it will disappear along with the guy that posted it. http://accidentalpatriot4.wordpress.com/2014/02/23/see-how-loretta-fuddy-was-murdered-photos-beyond-frightening/ The murder of the Woman that verified Obama's Birth Certificate is caught on Video. See the website and blow up the pictures to see the murder happening before your own eyes. Sequence of pictures of clandestine divers injecting some kind of poison or such into her foot. This may not be Worse than Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin, but it is a murder of a USA Citizen by A President and his CIA Demons. Part One at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvn8iPE4l-8&feature=youtu.be See it and learn how to download the mp4 file at http://ondemand.abcnews.com/playback/abcnews/140110_gma_crash_0731_700.mp4 And the Nightline MP4 at http://ondemand.abcnews.com/playback/abcnews/140111_ntl_maybay_1240_700.mp4 Then slow down the frames to 1/8 speed so you can see the whole context. What is on this video is image from the files as recorded on my computer before they were pixelated. Her Blog is at http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/extras/ the next nine frames at http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/some-more-images/ Annotated Highlights here at http://butterdezillion.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/some-more-images/ Stupid is not Simple, he is president. Any plan he makes is Foolproof, just ask the Narcissistic Psychopath Himself. FYI: At about 8:55 you see under the water and the Scuba Diver is unmistakably recognizable to be in/below the water's surface. This only requires two or three Players to accomplish. A pilot and maybe copilot, a GPS coordinate, a Retired Navy Seal or Two, that will do anything for his god or Money or both gods and money. The Seal could have been in the Luggage compartment. The plane was landed to be lost.
Tell the FBI to hire an assassin like they did to make the Hit on Loretta Fuddy. There are plenty of EX FBI and SEAL mur-derers that will do anything for money. Just make the case, you must Keal them before they board the Plane to the USA. I will write my Congressman and he will DO NOTHING TO STOP THEM.
But you should know he owns a Vote counting Company in Spain. That is his recommendation for O'Commie Muslim.
Has anyone Noticed that O'Satan and his minions are the only people to use ISIL? Why do they do that? To tell their Muslim Brotherhood Bros that they don't consider Israel to be a Legitimate Country. DUH!
CHE was a Narcissistic Psychopath, just like Barack Obama.
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