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Photo: Liberal Fail of the Day

WillYouEverGetIt Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 7:10 PM
Personally you should be taxed 100% because you were a product of the public school education and learned nothing. You wasted my tax dollars and I want a refund!!!

Psst.  It's than, you guysThan:

In their joyless stampede to pretend Mitt Romney is a birther, a group of Lefties in Ohio inadvertently demonstrated the genuine priority of fixing America's education system.  It's one thing to make a typo in a tweet, email or (ahem) blog post.  It's another to hire an airplane to drag a five-word sign around the sky, then botch 20 percent of your message.  So kudos.  And lest you think faux outrage over Mitt Romney's joke in Michigan is limited to...