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The numbers will be revised next week. Quietly.
The real numbers are going to be revised and reported next week.
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10 Things to Know for Today

WillYouEverGetIt Wrote: Apr 01, 2014 1:01 PM
With the history of revised numbers coming from the White House all the time. Wait till next week when we find out the truth.
Ladies everywhere! There is a war on you! But don't worry your pretty, short sited, irresponsible, your not smart enough to be independent head! Big Daddy Government will take care of you because you provide a Valuable Renewable Fuel Source.
Dr_Zinj probably has a fancy word for "It's not your fault". It's because you have PPD by proxy.
I know doctors. This guy was an insult to Doctors. It wasn't just babies this guy killed.
The Churches backyard......You play by their rules. You don't like it call Planned Parenthood. They like to kill little girls.
Actually she should have gone to planned parent hood. I hear they send young girls to their graves everyday.
Why are you people arguing with stupid.
From what I can tell it's the chicken or the test tube; Petri dish. Either way it's to imply a less than favorable way for the creation of or for the quality of life for the animal.
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