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I see the spot......Right on her dress!!
Yeah.. A politician will ensure that the water recedes. The world will never be destroyed by water again. I'll take the word of God over the word of Man any day.
You must have a government job. If your job was on the line your opinion would be different. You miss the fact that this is about control. Killing the private sector. Removing free choice and independence from our lives. Only 2% of the models show a problem with CO2. The whole concept of climate change is about what if? What if this happens, what if that happens. Fella this about a tax revenue stream. Who pays, Who Collects and who its redistributed to.
Oh, you mean NASA.
Awe. Poor I want to take your rights away is standing up against a fellow Demacrack. If you don't listen to her she might cry.
A good battery cost $100.00 and I give landfill and battery workers a job in this vibrant BHO economy.
We know he's racist because he's a white liberal male.
Yes he's Red but the Black Caucus still says he's lighter than a brown paper bag.
Romneycare is a failed East Coast liberal policy. It is wasteful, expensive and intrusive and all big government liberals like that.
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