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Sorry Dirk! I didn't see the secret service take the fence down to keep the villagers out.
Yea Right! Your really share in the struggle!
It's easy! Your shallow, short term minded and cheap! I'm sure women of value can see that!
She's fine because she takes Pharmaceuticals and attends therapy! I think she aborted the wrong child!
I love it! Wouldn't change a thing! It leaves the Liberals speechless and spitting nails!
Eric Holder will now be a Supreme Court Economic Justice
There is no difference with politicians
Pay increase comes out of my pocket. Tax cut come out of the Govt. pocket.
Please, Please destroy Chicago. Then maybe the people will see the benefit of a good city government.
The entire prosecutors' office was Rosemary Lehmberg's staff and are ok with her going all diva on the police dept. I think all the staff should get a pink slip.
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