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Crowd Laughs as Chicago Teachers Union President Talks about Killing the Rich

WillyBurg Wrote: Jan 08, 2013 1:57 PM
And these are the people who teach our children . . . Forty-five years ago, "education" was the field-of-choice for that generation's "low-information" high school graduates . . . that has continued for two generations: teachers drawn from a pool of the mediocre, often barely-literate . . . no emphasis on, or requirement for, "hard"/objective subject knowledge -- just a willingness to be an "agent of change" and parrot the fashionable teaching-technique-of-the-day. No wonder that today's public school teachers are the ultimate in "low-information": having none, and providing none . . . possessed only of a distorted view of history/reality, and a boundless sense of entitlement. And these are the people who teach our children .

The Chicago Teachers Union is not just about looking out for its members’ interests. The union wants to fundamentally change America, too.

That shift occurred when the radical Karen Lewis was elected as its president two years ago. She’s best known for mocking U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s lisp and for taking on - and defeating - Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the district’s first teachers’ strike in a generation.

CTU leaders have been on a victory lap of sorts since the September strike, with union activists seeing themselves as protectors of union power during a time of...