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. . . just wow! . . . first off, when exactly did HUD start using a "rapid response team" (see jacket in picture )? . . . second, is that Andrew Cuomo in the center of the picture? (is that picture current? . . . since he's NY Governor now . . . or is it back from when Andrew was Secy of HUD?). In any case, I worked for HUD for over 20 years . . . I would have assumed that the HUD mandate would be to fast-track such a partnership solution for urban homelessness . . . I wonder if DoJ was somehow involved? . . . and I further wonder if HUD is even a necessary Department any longer? (related: note HUD's (DoJ's?) ongoing "fair housing" lawsuits in NY State which have somehow become a part of Andrew Cuomo's re-election campaign . . .)
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Who's Responsible in the White House?

WillyBurg Wrote: May 18, 2013 12:37 PM
It would be amusing . . . if it weren't true, and the results weren't/aren't so serious.
I pick option A . . .
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A Miserable New York State Of Mind

WillyBurg Wrote: Feb 09, 2013 3:55 PM
Really can't say I'm surprised by Andrew Cuomo, who spent his tenure as HUD Secretary on a 24/7/365 campaign to be Bill Clinton's successor. Thankfully, that didn't happen. But, New Yorkers just love to vote for progressives -- so . . . they got what they wanted. God help the rest of us when this amoral, unscrupulous egotist inevitably decides to make his next run for the White House.
Three years ago, we still lived in NYC . . . we went down to Karma (a little bar on the Lower East Side which was one of the few places you could have a drink and a cigarette at the same time . . . wonder if it's still open? The Little Emperor was certainly trying to shut it down.) It was Fashion Week then too, and we wanted to see Kim, our favorite bartender, who was a student at FIT. Hmm . . . wonder if she ever married the guy she was engaged to? Anyway, the column just prompted memory . . . and a renewed recognition that I am SO glad we escaped the Little Emperor's fiefdom. Best of luck, NYC . . . you need it with the "rulers" (Bloomberg, Cuomo, Schumer, et. al.) you've chosen.
And these are the people who teach our children . . . Forty-five years ago, "education" was the field-of-choice for that generation's "low-information" high school graduates . . . that has continued for two generations: teachers drawn from a pool of the mediocre, often barely-literate . . . no emphasis on, or requirement for, "hard"/objective subject knowledge -- just a willingness to be an "agent of change" and parrot the fashionable teaching-technique-of-the-day. No wonder that today's public school teachers are the ultimate in "low-information": having none, and providing none . . . possessed only of a distorted view of history/reality, and a boundless sense of entitlement. And these are the people who teach our children .
. . . an interesting history lesson, and appropriate to the current political situation . . . two birds - one stone . . . nicely done, Mr. Ransom.
. . . and we should return to basic math: (with the given information) if an employee works at 1% capacity, and his employer expects a 20% improvement, the desired result would presumably be employees working at 1.2% of capacity . . . I assume that the hypothetical 20% improvement was meant to measure some unidentified employee output, not employee effort.
It's been 11+ years since September 11th -- the WTC site is still a hole in the ground . . . . I would guess that it will take a while to get NYC's crumbling subway system running again. But hey! What difference does it make? We can all use the Little Emperor's (Bloomberg) bike lanes to cycle our merry way to work. (. . . oops! . . . can't get across those pesky bridges!) . . . and with the addition of a handlebar basket, we can bring home a week's worth of groceries in (what?) 10-15 trips. Life in the Socialist Workers Paradise of NYC: glittering towers of million dollar co-ops, equal misery for everyone else who can't afford the Bloomberg lifestyle.
I like Mr. Hunter's suggestions . . . I like the tone, and I like the specificity . . . I can only hope that the Romney campaign pays attention -- or, has its own in-house version of Derek Hunter. We shall see . . .
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